Good Morning Xangaland!

Today’s post is another assignment from the Kween. The assignment is as follows:

Everyone has something about them that is attractive, yes, every last one of us!

In this society, where youth and beauty are constantly pushed in our faces as the ultimate statement of beauty, I believe that we are missing out on the absolute best, most interesting, and endearing characteristics of the human being.

Because I endeavor to bring out the best in my Kweendom, my challenge is as follows:

List five (5) qualities of your character that make you attractive.

You may attempt this in most any manner that pleases you. Be it long explanations or short lists, I leave it up to you.

To read more on this topic from the others involved in this assignment go HERE.

This assignment was not an easy one for me… I feel as if I am constantly searching within myself and finding things I never expected to find. At the same time finding that the things I thought were concrete are not… they are shifting and changing…. And therein lays the first answer.

1. My ability to shift and change as life moves all around me… to find the flow of the river and jump in with both feet… I may sometimes hesitate, oh I’ll just say it like it is, I may flat out throw myself to the ground, kick my heels, and scream and cry, but in the end I can shift gears and make it work.

2.  The fact that I can admit that I have faults. I am not perfect. I am not the best I can be. I have no patience and I’m a hot head… I believe that the moment I’m satisfied with me, I might as well as curl up and die… because the fat lady has sung.

3.  Logic. In my family we call it Jones Justification…. The ability to spin a web of logic around any situation. To make something that we want not only sound like a good idea but the only idea. I can always find a reason to get something done the way I want it done…

4.  …. And if I can’t I can eat crow…. Maybe not with perfect meekness but I can, in the end eat crow and start over.

5.  I am a warrior. I fight with all my heart day in and day out and I don’t leave a soldier behind. No matter how bad things might be in my own situation, no matter how I might be bleeding, I can’t walk away from someone who really needs my help.

And just for fun and as a contrast, also list five (5) characteristics YOU find attractive in a person.

The field is open, be it what you want in a mate or a friend or merely an acquaintance.

1.  Joy. True pure joy that stays the tests of life. The ability to make a room erupt into laughter by telling an old worn out joke some new way.

2.  Humor. Finding a way to make a normal moment last forever by finding humor in it. Nubs…. When Doves Cry….

3.  Wisdom… to be able to speak truth and strength into the heart of someone who needs your help…. no matter how much schooling you have had.

4.  Gentleness. The ability to remain calm and gentle in the face of a roaring impatient person (like me) with a smile on your face!

5.  Patience… I have none and so I admire it… and I find it attractive because it is the one thing that I am told is required to be in my life… lol since I have none.

Definitely not an easy list to write…..

Song of the day… A Living Prayer by Alison Krauss


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40 thoughts on “

  1. Great List!! I’ll get back with you on the banner..Maybe when you move and get settled..You have plenty going on right now to not to have to worry with anything else!

  2. Courtney I love your honesty about yourself. I have a big loud laugh does that count LOL.
    RYC Thank you so much for be willing to help me with my banner. I will get those picture to you later today. BIG HUGS

  3. I’ve fallen “victim” to the “Jones Justification” more times then I care to admit, and you’re good at it. Too good me thinks! Fabulous list my love, and all true. Especially the “patience, or lack thereof” part. LOL Love ya kiddo, Me

  4. That was an excellent list.  I particularly liked your inclusion of logic and being able to eat crow on you side, and wisdom on the other side.  I wish I’d thought of that.

  5. Hi there Fellow Queen great post!!! Always good with your words as in all your post!!! *hugs* from ya fellow queen ~Leslie~

  6. LOVED your lists…you put things VERY well…you should include that, too…able to put things in words exactly how you want them…obviously not a trait of mine….anyway, have a great day!

  7. great post!I love the Jones Justification. I’m a little stubborn sometimes, and my son was arguing with a relative about something once, he told my son ‘You’re just like your mother, even when you’re wrong, you’re right”

  8. Wonderful Post. Just love the way that you put everything.
    I too am an Alison Krauss fan. Just something about her voice……………
    Thnx for stopping by my site also.
    Take care

  9. Very well written! You seem to really know yourself well and you are comfortable in your own skin. I think it would be great to have these types of things on our xanga profiles! Have a great day!

  10. What a great job you did! I love that you describe yourself as a warrior. The world needs more warrior queens with these great values! Enjoyed it.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. Oh my gosh!  How did I miss commenting way back when on this spectacular post?  I should be bull whipped!  This is gorgeous baby. . . .you constantly surprise me (although I don’t know why) with your writing and your wonderful insights for someone so young. . . .you’re simply amazing! (but cool down that temper at bit before YOUR baby gets here, okay? :)~K.K. (6/4/07)

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