Good Morning Xangaland!

Day 132 of draught here in the Valley of the Sun.   (though we have a forecast of possible showers today!  We’ll see.)

So I’ve been so busy…. and so much is going on right now….  I don’t foresee any of it getting any better either so please forgive me if there begin to be gaps in my time here and my comments….

I can’t believe that I only have about 8 weeks left before my husband goes to Texas and then when he gets home we’re moving OVERSEAS!!  I know that 8 weeks sounds like a lot but not for me.  Not when I’m thinking about what stays and what goes in this three bedroom home and when I’m trying to wrap my mind around renting….. 8 weeks is just a blink.  However, we are, as always awaiting the red tape to clear out… We have concrete paper orders however we are awaiting the delivery of a second set from Randalph (the paperwork base lol) that has all the special codes on it that will tell us how much weight we can take overseas and how much room we get here to store stuff and when exactly we have to report to Spangdahlem so my hands are tied.  So here I sit worrying about all these little details and trying not to let myself worry.  LOL

I have been spending my days catching up on projects that I have let go too long unfinished…  getting things around here ready for when we are giving the go ahead.  Today I have more paperwork to finish and I am building myself a second Xanga site.  I think I’m going to start selling my jewelry and blankets there and if nothing else it will be where I display my pictures of the crafts I do so stay tuned if you are interested!

Also, I’m sure you noticed but…, I redid my custom module on the left.  It now has clocks for here and the place in Germany I will be living and then it has sections of links to things I’ve written over the year and a half I’ve been here.  It is split into categories as follows

Faith – anything that has to do with my faith

Family – posts about my family such as my boys and my best friend

Fun – the goofy things in life that make my laugh like NUBS

Chapters of my life – my story

Kween of Queens assignments – from newest to oldest

Featured Content assignments – from newest to oldest

Military – this is where I will put each new update about our move and it also contains some of the most important things I’ve learned as a military wife.

My life before and after gastric bypass surgery – this contains my reason for having the surgery, my updates, and my acceptance of some of the things that are wrong with me.

Well there you have it my new module.  I know most of you have read this but for any of my new readers if you want to know more about me this will give you all the good and bad.

Thank you all for your welcome to my mom…. I know she really appreciated it.  I don’t know how much she’ll be around but I know she enjoyed getting the opportunity to see that my pet rocks are real.

One of these days I’m going to tell you the story of the pet rocks. lol 

I apologize for this boring entry.  I just wanted to update you all on what’s going on.  I better get going.  I want to come around and visit and then get to work… If you want a chuckle please check out the video on the entry below.  I’ll leave the site with no music so that you can hear it.

Take care Xangaland.



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  1. 8 weeks is not very long at all.  i am thinking about you and praying it goes smoothly.  moving and leaving behind the ones you love is not an easy task.  i think about my brothers and sisters constantly.  you are renting?  are you renting to family?  thats a great idea especially being close to the base.  when we move from here we will def rent since we are so close to barksdale.have a great day and dont worry about not being able to get around and comment.  we all know you are a busy bee these days!((hugs))kelly

  2. Please keep us posted and yes, I would be interested in seeing the crafts that you have for sale! I am sure you are TOTALLY busy right now. So, you are going to rent out your house there? Just be cautious of who you put in there!! (I have cleaned up after to many renters!!) lol   Hope all is well and I hope you get a good rainstorm today. Love ya!

  3. I will look forward to hearing from you over there. Dont blink though cause before you know it your 8 weeks will be gone.  Don’t worry you will get everything you need to done. Tell me am I suppose to use my site to post something meaningful and inspiring because so far I have only used it to say how its going.  When I read others posts I feel like mine are just meaningless words.

  4. I saw that you left a comment on NeedingYouMore ‘s page about getting stationed at Spangdahlem. I just wanted to leave you a message because I use to go to High School at Bitburg which is about 15 minutes from Spangdahlem. My father was stationed at Spandahlem from 93-97. I met my husband at that high school actually and we loved it over there. I wish my job in the AF would take me there but unfortunately it doesnt. If you ever want to chat about Spandahlem just shoot me an email. : )

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