Good Morning Xangaland!

Day 127 of the longest draught in the Valley of the Sun’s history….

Today I’m going…. SHOPPING!

Not that it’s one of my favorite things when the dog bites or the bee stings or anything…. (eye roll here in case you couldn’t hear it. lol)  But today I’m going shopping with my Mom.  We used to go every couple of weeks or so just to hang out… Because I see her every week at church or at the odd family dinner but in reality you don’t really.. TALK… in situations like that so we go shopping!  It’s just been so busy lately…  Things seem to always get in the way of a simple day of shopping.

I was looking back over my calendar last night and I realized that the last time she and I went out alone was way back in September!  It’s been almost six months since I’ve been alone with my mom and I’m going to be living in another country in four and a half months!  So we figured we had better go!

In other news I just realized that I never shared the pictures from the Super Bowl party we had right before we left on vacation… I won’t show you all of them since it’s kind of late in coming but there are a few I simply must share.

This picture is of my cousin Kallie (Left) my cousin Brittney (Middle) and my youngest sister Rebecca (Right)


This is my cousin Matt’s wife Debbie and their daughter Macie.  She has lately learned what a camera does and so if you pull one out and say “CHEESE” she makes the “Cheese Face”  too cute huh?


This is my cousin Kallie and her daughter Katelyn.


My mom and dad! 


Macie as the flying nun.  LOL  She discovered my living room curtains.


My baby boy wondering if it’s safe to come out of the office yet….


Well there you have it… I had probably better get going.  Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions yesterday.  I’m so glad that we will have some options that won’t cost us an arm and a leg while we are overseas. 

Song of the day? Quicken by Thousand Foot Krutch… Great song…



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  1. Hmmmm….I don’t know who Thousand Foot Krutch but obviously fairly popular if  your listening to their music? What kind of music do they play? My brother band will be in concert with them on April 2nd. You can read about it here…  That is pretty cool. They have opened in the past for many 80’s type bands…Survivor and some others.  The picture of  Macie in the curtain is so cute! lol  Hope your day shopping with your mom is a great one!! I would love to be shopping today….but instead….I will be out delivering girl scout cookies…again. BLAH!!! lol  Hugs!

  2. all the babies! hehe, you’re dog makes me want a dog…ahhhh..i just can’t yet…no no..gotta wait longer…lol. have fun shopping today! i did that yesterday with my mom and sister =P

  3. Have fun shopping..I wish I was going or better yet I wish I had the day off to do nothing but sleep..I am so ready for him to be home..I can’t explain how excited I am..And we have been apart so many times but this time it’s just so different..I plan on getting a good nights rest as soon as he gets home..He is hopeing to be home around 10

  4. Your mom looks so young, she looks like she could be your sister. I love going shopping. I went shopping with my sisters, when I went to visit. I spent to much though. I love it when you post pictures. Like the ones of your camping trip, those were awesome. Well bye for now.

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