Good Afternoon Xangaland!

Getting a really slow start today…  I have some paperwork to catch up on today and a few things I need to sit down and write now that my research for them are done…  I want to finish today because the rest of my week is going to be pretty full. 

I have found out a few things about Germany that you might want to know.  It looks like we won’t have a phone over there….  They charge a monthly fee and then by call according to length and distance of the call even when in town so I don’t think we’ll have that.  I know our cell phones won’t go over so we’ll have to see if we have good phone communication.  However we do hear that they have great internet service.  So for those of you that asked I will definitely be able to keep in touch with all of you.  In fact this is going to be my primary source of contact with everyone.

So please forgive me if over the next few months I’m not here a lot and I don’t comment a lot.  Don’t forget me because in just a few months time you will be the only thing in my life that hasn’t changed!  I am so grateful for the gift I have in all of you.  A support group, a community of people I can call my friends who will be the same no matter where I live!

I have to go lots to do and the day is dwindling…

Tomorrow I’m going shopping with my mom for the first time since September!!!  I can’t wait.

Take care Xangaland….

Song of the day? Love is a Movement by Switchfoot because it’s been stuck in my head for a few days …..



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  1. YAY!!!! I’m so excited that you will be just a mouse-click away!!! lol   It will be wonderful for you to talk and write and communicate with everyone and it will be much faster than snail-mail!!  Love ya!

  2. not sure if you have one yet but a webcam sounds like a great investment!  thats how i talk to my aunt in japan.  get on that yahoo and its better than the telephone.((hugs))kelly

  3. well if you buy a webcam, a good one is about $30-$40.  Then all you need is the internet to download a yahoo instant messenger or even AIM.  one click of the the webcam button and you can see and hear your family.  no cost.  accept for your webcam and internet. 

  4. Hey thanks-I changes my background several times-so I’m not sure which one you saw! LOL.
    That’s crazy that you won’t have a phone over there!  It’s a good thing you’ll have internet though. Have fun shopping w/ your mom!

  5. My husband and I use Skype, an internet phone, to call back home.  All you need is a microphone and a set of speakers or a headset that is both a mic and headphones.  If you and who you’re calling have Skype, you don’t hafta pay!  You can set up the phone number to be your area code back home.  If you call someone’s regular phone back home, it’s about 6 cents a minuite, I believe.  If they call you, you don’t pay anything.  We love it!

  6. hey girl…I think the suggestion of the internet phone is a great one…and I’m really glad you will still be able to be online! I hope you are doing good today!

  7. speaking of phones! go to  my aunt and uncle are missionaries in chile, they use skype now and it’s cheap and sometimes free or something. look at it!!! it’s all over the computer and u can call land phones too to anywhere in the world.

  8. RYC. Courtney you are so cute…. I forgot you live in Arizona and how hot it gets there in the summer. We still have ice and snow here. It will get down to only 2 degrees on sunday here brrrrrrrr.

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