Well well well….

There is a Super Walmart in Trier, Germany ..

Just 8 miles from where we will be living. (see below post in case you missed this.)

I’m happy now.

What more could a girl need?


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  1. i have to admit that it took me awhile to get on this whole walmart train but now i enjoy it.  im not sure i if would enjoy it in germany though.  you will be ok.  its going to take some major adjusting.  hang in there and remember its just temporary.*hugs*kelly

  2. They have Walmart in Germany? I Wonder if that’s what they actually call it? Bet its pronounced Val-Mert. But hey, that’s like having a piece of USA right there. I’m sure everything will go smoothly for you both. I honestly couldn’t handle going over-seas. I think you are brave for facing it square on. Love-Snow

  3. I love walmart, the only bad thing they never have enough lines open..Good Luck in your move..You seem to be takeing this a whole lot better than I would..I will keep yall in my prayers!! And I did get a lot done today!

  4. In answer to your question, they may live in Houston which is only about 4 hours away so it won’t be too bad. But, who knows what will happen before the wedding in November.

  5. I’m excited for you about the move. I’m sure you have mixed feelings about it. Wow.. a Walmart in Germany?? I had NO IDEA that they had gone international! Cool!

  6. Well honey, at least WalMart’s a start!  I think you’ll be fine. I was once engaged to a guy who was stationed in Germany.  He didn’t tell me much about it though.  But it IS a chance to live in Europe for a bit. . .that can’t be too bad!  And after all, you’ll still have us here on Xanga, right?  At least the waiting is over and you now know where you’re going!  Hugs~K.K.

  7. Hi Courtney. I am a soon-to-be AF wife and I’ve been reading your page for a while now. I’m sorry to hear that you’ll be moving so far from home, but it sounds like your amazing faith will carry you through it 🙂 My fiancé and I will be moving to Luke shortly after you leave. I was just wondering if you could give me a heads-up on how you like life there, housing, any other help info! I’d really appreciate it. It’s our first assignment and we are really excited! Have a great day ~Anne~

  8. walmart is EVERYWHERE!!!!! lol now that’d be the sign from God for me that i was supposed to be in germany – a walmart. lol

  9. Hey! I didn’t get to see all the pictures and video down there the other say, so I went back through to read it all and watch the videos. I like the one where your dad is talking about rebates at Fry’s. It made me laugh. It furthers the idea that Roger would get along fine with you guys. He’s a huge self-proclaimed Geek (not that ya’ll are Geeks!!). I hate going to Fry’s though. It is the most dreaded store that he drags me to. I mope along behind him counting the seconds that pass by. There is absoluetly nothing for me there. Number One: I’m not a shopper. Number Two: I know nothing about electronics. Number Three: He always asks me to help him find some strange thing and funnily enough…I always find it!

  10. Good luck to you and Ryan.  What and adventure and a great chance to see another part of this amazing world.  I look forward to hearing all about it right here in Xangaland.  I’m glad to hear they have a Wal-Mart……just a little piece of home.  Now, if there were only a Target…….  

  11. Walmarts in Germany…craziness.
    I couldnt live without Walmart either….
    hope your settling into the germany idea. But like that girl up there said…your UNBELIEVABLE faith will carry you and Ryan thru this.
    ❤ you

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