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Good Morning Xangaland!


I’m sorry if I got your hopes up yesterday… Nope big news is not a baby… However this is a life changing piece of news.  I’m sorry that it is such a formal format and I know that most of you know a lot of this but this is for those of you that don’t and it is also the email I’m sending out en mass to all the family and friends.  So here you go!




As many of you know my husband, Ryan, is in the Air Force.He is currently in the process of cross training from his current field of A.G.E. (aerospace ground equipment) mechanic to Contracting.This is a mandatory career change due to overstaffing in his current field.


He will be leaving for technical training for his new career field on April 26th for a 7 week course.He will graduate on June 21st.We were informed that this job change would most likely result in a move due to the fact that Luke AFB (our current station) has no opening in the contracting field at this time.


So we have been, not so patiently, awaiting orders so that we could announce to all of our friends and family what was going to happen.On Monday we received some shocking news. We have received our orders and yesterday they were officially confirmed by the orderly room here on base.We have orders to serve a three to five year tour of duty at Spangdahlem AB in Germany.We will be leaving the U.S.shortly after Ryan’s graduation on June 21st of 2006.


We are currently awaiting word on whether or not I am allowed to leave the country due to my surgery.We had originally heard that my surgery would keep us stateside, however, as Ryan has pursued this avenue we have been informed that currently all that can keep us in the U.S. is the receiving base (Spangdahlem) being unable to care for my medical condition.We were told that this will probably not be the case.We were told to proceed under the assumption that we will be going. I will let you know if this changes.We should find out for sure one way or the other by end of business today.(However it could be later depending on communications as Germany is 8 hours ahead of us.)


Please just know that Ryan and I have talked and prayed about this in depth for the last few days and we have peace…This change in our life was born of prayer, though it is not at all what we expected.As soon as we heard the slightest news about Ryan having to change jobs we called out to our friends and family to pray and pray you all have.We have all prayed that no matter the outcome the hand of God be in it and that He would put us where we were needed, in His will for our lives.Over the last few days as new information has slowly come to light we have begun to see the hand of God in this…As frightening as that is.


Everything that has happened with this situation from the minute Ryan found out he had to cross train has made the base stop and scratch their heads and this was no exception.Apparently, for someone in Ryan’s position, just starting in Contracting as a 3 level, overseas is not available.In fact online, where the assignments are listed Spangdahlem is not even an option.When Ryan went into base to confirm these orders they told him there must be a mistake, that this shouldn’t be possible.We crossed our fingers and hoped and prayed.


The official word that has just come back is that these orders are real and concrete.Apparently Spangdahlem AB in Germany is the ONLY place in the world (outside of the U.S.) that, at this time, needed ONE level 3 contractor, and we got it.


In the long run it is only three years…Though I know that this doesn’t make it easier, believe me I know.The good news is that we won’t have to sell our home.At the end of a long overseas tour (and this qualifies) you get to pick the base you want to return to depending on availability.So if Luke AFB is available we can come back home and our house will be waiting for us.Along with all of you.


For those of you who know that I was panicking about possibly having to leave my babies here in the states we have found out that Germany is the only European assignment that does not require quarantine for animals.This means that both of our dogs would fly there with us with no delay and the Air Force will pay to ship them.And as a dear friend told me this morning… “After reading your email, it is clearly seen that God’s hand is in all of this. Just the fact that all will be taken care of and your boys will be able to go with you! That is surely an answered prayer that maybe God answered without you even having to pray it! He looked down, saw your heart shatter when you thought your two precious dogs couldn’t go with you, and He said, “Oh, Courtney, I got it covered. Relax!”


Some other good news is the location of the base.SpangdahlemAB is just 8 miles from the city of Trier, a famous city from WWII (shown in Saving Private Ryan in case you want to know.)It is located in the Southwestern corner of Germany just a hop skip and a jump from Luxembourg and only 100 miles from Paris, France… so if you want to visit… LOL


So the official word is that after Ryan graduates on June 21st of 2006 we will have a short two weeks back here in Phoenix to out process from the base and say our goodbyes… we will have to be in Germany by roughly July 7th of this year.


We ask that all of you would begin to pray for us… that God would open a place for us in Germany and help us to find His will in the place He is putting us.We ask that you begin to pray that God prepares our hearts and conditions our spirits for this journey.We have chosen to approach this as a call into the world to speak God’s word and work on men’s hearts.God is sending us out to fight this war (both the physical war our country is even now fighting and the spiritual war that rages ever around us.)We ask that you pray for us, for strength, for wisdom, for peace.


“For who is God, except the Lord?  And who is a rock, except our God?  God is my strength and power, and He makes my way perfect.  He makes my feet like the feet of deer, and sets me on my high places.  He teaches my hands to make war.”

2 Samuel 22:32-35




I will send updates as we receive them.




We just got the official word.  Germany is equipped with the facilities and personnel required to treat me in case of an emergency and in the case of a chronic problem they will fly me home to my surgeon on medical leave.  It’s official Germany is definite.  We will be living in Europe in just over four months.
Please pass this and the previous email on to anyone you know that would be interested and that I might have missed.  I’ll keep you posted on any further updates.
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  1. Wow. im not sure what to say! obviously this is God. otherwise you’d have no peace, you’d be lost and out of control, hehe. even tho i’m sure you both are somewhat in shock yourselves God is definatly right by your side. everything seems to have worked out great as far as your animals being able to go and your house will still be available to you if you can go back to that base. i’ll continue to pray for you guys!!

  2. Germany!  Wow!  I have no clue what to say.  Its so far away.  I was hoping you would come here but no one wants to be here.  lol!  Im praying for you.((hugs))Kelly

  3. Well…I already responded (via email) so I won’t go on about it here. Like Kelly, I’m kinda disappointed you didn’t end up closer. Man, you being at Fort Hood would have been really cool, lol!
    Anyway…I wanted to say thanks for the prayers. I’m still on edge about it…not sure how this is going to turn out, but I’m at peace with whatever God decides this time. I know I’ll be okay. (((Hugs)))

  4. You shouldn’t be stunned about the parallels between their lives and our’s as of now. I wrote it this morning after your email, after prayer, and after my my quiet time. We’re a lot like them, you know. God will give us the strength for every single battle because He has given us a promise…MANY promises, in fact. I read your email again, and the second one, and I am just so certain that all this is part of God’s plan….just the idea that Ryan shouldn’t have been able to go, that they thought it was all a mistake. Only God could have opened a door like this for the two of you, though I am certain it must be so hard to grasp the idea that this is part of His plan. It is always hard to see in the middle of a storm, even if we’ve created the storm out of the fear in our own hearts. But no matter how loud the wind blows, or how hard our hearts thunder, God’s voice still calms the seas and brings peace. When there is peace…there is understanding. I know you already know that…but I thought I’d just say it in case. 🙂
    RYC: I never knew nurses landed in battle with soldiers either, but in North Africa and Sicily they did because there was no other way to get them to the hopital. This research is amazing. God is teaching me so much that I am amazed and in awe…and left wondering why He wants me to know all of this. Makes me wonder what He’s getting me ready for! 🙂  The book I’m reading is called, “And if I perish….”  taken from scripture about Esther who boldly stood on faith and claimed, “If I perish…I perish!”  What amazing faith she must have felt…surely, because she felt a promise stir in her heart. How fitting…

  5. oh Courtney, this post totally made me cry! I am SO amazed at God’s goodness…even down to making sure your dogs can go with you! I’m excited for you…I think that the experience of living overseas for awhile will be so amazing for you guys! If I didn’t have to deal with my illness we would consider living overseas for sure! It just makes me really excited to see what He has in store for you guys!

  6. I cant believe youre going to Germany..I knew that you both were waiting to hear where you would go if any change at all but I guess its kind of hurting to think you would be so far and would have been so close when I got home..this stinks in so many ways but its whats meant to be I guess. you know more than anything you are going to have to keep up with this thing more often so that we dont lose eachother because now youre going to be over seas! I know its been a while since we have been able to talk and things have been crazy for the both of us lately, but everyone here is doing fine and I hope to God that you both are doing okay and that your trip is safe and gosh…so far away. Are we ever going to get to meet? Boo!! I love you and I hope we get to talk soon.

  7. OK….I am happy you got answers but I want to bawl because you will be a world away. (sorry)…..I suppose it’s ok as long as Xanga and e-mail work over there!! I love you girl and I just want you to be happy. God wants you and Ryan…AND your dogs to be together and he made it work that way.

  8. I know how hard all of this waiting has been for you, and all of the questions and the anxiety of the unknown. But I also know you and Ryan, and I know that wherever God leads you, you will follow. And once there, it will be wonderful! Paris my love…Paris! Maybe you will enjoy it just a little, yes? Ha ha ha . Love to both of you my familia. Much much love…

  9. Courtney…I know that you will love Spangdhalem. It is a beautiful area. Germany is beautiful. Landstuhl is a very capable hospital, a massive MTF. (we used to live in Heidelberg, where I was a nurse, and all of our severe cases went the Landstuhl). In addition, German medicine is equally capable and advanced.My brother is there! Let Ryan know.Have peace…experiencing Europe is truly one of kind, especially with your love of outdoors and animals. Much love…

  10. I have been to Germany and it is a beautiful country. Yes there is a strong need to hear the gospel. I will be praying for you and Ryan. I am very excited for you both, for your new adventure that God has for you.

  11. I am so happy that you finally know where you are going. At least you don’t have to be waiting and wondering what will be happening. Now you know. Wow, Germany! I know it will be quite the adventure for you and Ryan and from what I know of the two of you from xanga, you are going to have an awesome time. It will be an exciting and scary time for you but your faith in God and love for each other will see you through! I’ll be praying for you and for you family because I know it will be hard for your parents to be so far away from you. Being the mother of a daughter who will be moving away from home when she is married, my first thoughts on reading this post was your mother! I’ll be praying for all of you!

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