!!Warning: Picture and video post!!

Good Morning Xangaland!


I am alive, WELL, kicking, and moving this morning. Thank goodness! My house is clean my candles are lit and my windows are wide open to let in this 72 degree day! I feel so much better today! Thank you for your patience with me this last few weeks, I can’t believe it’s been that long.


Well as promised this will be a huge long picture post with a few videos put in just for fun. We had a wonderful trip to Alamo Lake with my grandparents. The weather was gorgeous and the scenery was to die for.  I could make a calendar out of some of these pictures…


This first picture is a picture of our camp from one ridge over… with Alamo Lake behind it. 

This is our first evening in camp.  We had a wonderful campfire so we sat out and talked… Grandpa played in the fire with his fire stick which was with us until the very last night.

Grandma sitting in front of the fire.

Ryan standing in front of the beginnings of the first days sunset.

The first sunset.  Notice the pelicans?  Alamo Lake is a bird conservatory.  There is one thing about the desert… the sunsets.

Me in our tent on the first night… I look cold now if only I had known that this night the desert would reach 32 degrees!

Ryan reading…

Day two dawned a beautiful crisp and breezy day… a perfect day for fishing! 

Grandpa fishing… I swear this picture needs to be in an outdoorsman catalogue!

Ryan casting….

Ryan reeling in a big one! ……….  big snag that is…lol

Sunset with the pelicans coming in to roost.

Our third day brought visitors… Mom and dad came up to spend a night!  We had a wonderful time with them.

Ryan and mom at lunch.

Dad and grandpa talking in the afternoon shade.

Grandma and grandpa in the firelight at sunset.

Here are a few videos of all of us sitting around talking… Thought you might enjoy these!  LOL

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I have no idea how we got onto this conversation… burning feet the sounds the pelicans made at night… more computer stuff.  Lol… You may not want to watch this one… this is just something we do in my family… set the camera and tape just time with each other so that you always have a piece of normal…

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This one is a short clip of my husband being a goober… He was going for the “I have made fire!”  look.. LOL

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Mom and dad at sunset on our third day.

Full sunset.

We had a real treat this night… The F-22’s from Nellis were out dog fighting over the desert.  We watched for hours as they chased each other in and out of the clouds and set of chaff and flares… It was an awesome site.  Grandma watching the planes.

The fourth day dawned a little warm and a perfect day for reading… Mom and dad left by lunch time and so I spent the afternoon reading and napping… Ryan spent it playing with the camera.

The sun is way to bright….

See my sunburned ear?

I got him back and made him pose.

Later that evening the guys went fishing again and grandma and I walked out to where they were to watch and get some exercise.

Ryan out on the point.

Grandpa fishing in the sunset.

Ryan and then Grandpa right in the sun… I’m telling you calendar!


The desert….

Our last night we had another campfire and we played with the camera to get dark shots….

My grandpa caught unawares…staring into the flames…

Me of course…

Our final sunset in the desert of Arizona.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos….  I know there were quite a few… but trust me this was only a fraction.  LOL

I have news that I will share tomorrow… big goings on… but as it is already 1:00pm and I have only just finished editing video and writing this… I will go… I’m coming around to visit.



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  1. Just for me? Ahhh, now I’m feeling all special…great video, but I could only see the first one. Maybe because of my stupid dial-up! They were talking about Aunt Bula, huh? I know they were…Love you, wish I could have gone. I’ll call you soon…Me

  2. That is a wonderful post…I felt like I was there iwth you.  Everyone looked so happy.  I cannot imagine sitting with my grandparents camping…that would be so nice…Thanks for sharing!! xo, QEBig News?  Baby?

  3. Ill be at the Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany for the rest of my Enlistment. Im set to do a 6 month tour of Romania then in 2008 we are set to go back to iraq.

  4. I am just now getting around to pulling up these pictures. I knew it would take me a while cause of this stinking dial up! lol  I came to your site and then I went and made breakfast…..the pics were here by the time I got back! lol I love them. You all look like you relaxed and had a great time. That is wonderful but let me tell you, if we (in Illinois) had 32 degree temps…..we would be outside in our shorts! lol  Hugs!

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