Good Morning Xangaland! 
So I’m so glad to be off of featured content.  Weird some of the things people say.  I ended up with 51 comments on that post from my Kween_Of_Queens assignment.  I would have had 55 but some of them needed censoring.  LOL The post about how Ryan and I met where the last thing on it was my wedding picture…. one of the comments was… “Are U married?”  Wow, blown away a bit over here let me tell you.
Today is another day of doing chores.  It’s so weird I make myself lists of things to do and by the end of the day I’ve only checked off five or ten of the twenty!  It’s amazing how much I don’t get done, and you know what that means right?  I’m adding ten to my list today!  LOL  Hey one good thing though!  I finished and e-filed my taxes last night!  So we should have money in the account by the time we come home from vacation!
Speaking of vacation, I’m getting really excited about going.  In my personally opinion you should always work yourself up before a vacation.  That way you are anxiously awaiting the departure…  Being all worked up before hand always makes me enjoy it more.  I can’t wait to get there and take pictures for you guys.  This is one of my favorite places!  Not only is it a beautiful high desert lake which will have red rock mountains and green trees.  But this is a place where coyotes and wild donkeys overrun the countryside!  I can’t wait to show it all to you.
Well I had better be going.  I want to come visit and I need to get moving this morning.  It’s already almost 7!  So last night Ryan and I were playing with our digital camera and decided to try the video feature.  This is our first attempt with many more to come I’m sure.  It’s not great because it took forever to really work out what we were doing.  So our first successful capture is of Ryan playing with the dogs.  This is a typical evening but unfortunately but the time we got it working Gandalf was tuckered out and only Yoda was willing to play!  LOL  Please excuse my voice, sounds so weird on video.  I swear it doesn’t sound so deep from inside my head.
So here you go, the first Laube family play time video!

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Song of the day?  None so you can hear the video!
~Only three days until we leave for Alamo Lake~
P.S. Sorry it’s a little dark!  I’ll make sure there are more lights on next time.


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  1. that drop shots site is awesome.  i have tons of little video clips that i would love to be able to post.  very cool.i hate making featured content.  i remember i would have 12 yr olds subscribing and that made me feel really weird.  lol!good luck on your chores.  i am hoping to nap all morning. 

  2. yes, you have to take tons of pics so we can see.  I totally agree with you about getting worked up for vacation…hubby and I are going away for three days this coming weekend to the lake area and I am getting so excited.
    April :0)

  3. i love the video! ur camera does some clear video…my digital doesn’t have sound on the video feature =( 
    and hey, chicken salad is excellent food for breakfast!!! lol

  4. Hope you have a good time on your vacation..Yes I always get exctied about going w/ the hubby somewhere..And getting out of the town always makes me excited!!! So have a good time!!!

  5. lol Did you know that it sounds like someone’s peeing? It’s a fountain, I’m sure, but it made me giggle. But seriously! I’m creeped out!! lol When you hear someone’s voice…it makes them very real. Of course I knew you were real. It’s just funny because one of the great mysteries about the xanga world is if we all suddenly got thrown into a room together. Really, the only mystery about everyone is their voice. When we have tea…I’ll tell you if you sound the same.  🙂
    Roger and I play with the video option on our camera too. But that would take me great courage to share. My voice is the complete opposite of your’s! You see, I sound like a kid. lWhen people call my house, they ask me if they can speak with my mommy!! lol And by the way, everyone says that their voice doesn’t sound that way in their head…but the other people that hear us talk…say that’s how we really sound. I sound different in my head too!

  6. I came by to read your memory post and it was so sweet. Those pictures really added to the whole image of two children there, watching the sunset. How blessed you are to have found each other! Thank you for sharing your memory.

  7. Hey there!!!! Thx for the comment & for reading my Moment of Time. =) Please know ur welcome to stop by anytime. oh I like that site, I have a videos I would love to share hehe. I love the video…aww the dogs are soo cute. Where are u going for ur vacation? Sounds like u’ll have a lot of fun. I never been on feature content but I don’t think I would want too. I already have a rough enough time catching up with the comments I do get lol…Well take care & Hope u have a great weekend…Hugs…Amanda

  8. hey-i figured i should start commenting to you…i’ve seen you everywhere i go!  anyway-stop by my site, i’d like to get to know you!
    i enjoyed watching your video!  we have a little schnauzer-maggie…my parents have a schnauzer that looks just like yours but her ears are cropped.  they are the best dogs!

  9. HEY COURTNEY!!! I miss you!! sorry its been so long since I have been on here to talk to you but the darn internet doesnt work in our apartment anymore for some reason so im really limited on when I can get on. Vacation? woot! sounds like a blast! I cant type tonght for some reason. ugh. gosh. anyways! I hope youre doing well and the video is so cute! I should do one with rambo and matt or something like when the baby is born. only 6 more months…it seems so far away but its coming fast. well I hope I get to talk to you soon! I miss you! Tell ryan I said hello!

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