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Good Morning Xangaland!

The following is assignment 2006-3 for the Kween_Of_Queens blogring.  Click on the link for more stories like this one.


Pick a Moment In Time that remains close to your heart.  Just a small moment when everything seemed perfect, when, if given the opportunity, you could have stopped time completely and stayed in that moment just a little bit longer.

Describe what was happening, who you were with, what the weather was like, what your surroundings were.  Expound on that moment as much as you can.  Describe your emotion, what you may have been thinking and why that moment meant so much to you.

There are exclusions.  I want a small moment.  Nothing as grand as a wedding, a birth or a contest winning moment. Just a small moment that remains in your memory as a time that you would like to have kept just a bit longer.



The first true love.


I looked out across the dooryard of the little church that was my home away from home… I had one more hour to play before the service started and I wanted to make the best of it..  This had been one of the frequent Sundays when the whole congregation came to morning service bringing dishes with them for a Sunday brunch and then stayed to visit until the evening service.  I loved these days. 


The sun was just beginning to set on this hot September day in 1987 and I was thankful for the jelly shoes that let the air through to my toes…. If my mother wasn’t looking I may slip them off and run through the grass barefoot…


And then I saw him, sitting on the low wall looking west toward the sunset all alone.  I climbed up beside him, and kicked my jelly toed feet.

I struggled to find words to say to this boy that made me feel shy inside.  This boy that was fast becoming ‘the only boy I would ever love’.  Finally it came to me.


“Watcha doin’?” 


“Just watching the sunset.”




Now what was I going to say?  I tried to start a conversation…. 


“I got a new dog!  His name is Turk but I call him turkey!”


“I know you told me last week.”




I tried again…


“Emily spent the night last night we had so much fun.”


“She spends the night every week.”


“Oh … yeah.”


I sighed a little.  I was at a loss for words and so I settled in to watch the sunset with him… this boy that would hold my heart forever.


“I always loved the colors in the sunset.”  He said quietly. 


I turned and looked at him.  He was so handsome with his freckles and his hyper color shirt.  I was in awe of this boy who already showed such deep wisdom at the age of eight…  But I had to best him. 


“I always wanted to have a wedding in red and orange and yellow to match a sunset.  Wouldn’t that just be beautiful?”


He turned to me and looked hard into my face.  I drew back, I was a little afraid. 


“No.”  He said “Your wedding should be blue to match your eyes.”




My heart melted in that moment and I fell in love with the first boy I ever had a crush on.




How was I to know that just twelve years later I would stand at the alter and marry that boy…. Of course it was a blue wedding to match my eyes.  (Although I still do prefer red and orange and gold.)



Song of the day?  Eternal Flame by The Bangles.




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  1. What a wonderful reminder that dreams do come true and there are really happy endings!  What a very wise little boy he was!  No wonder you ended up with him.  Thanks for your visit the other day.  Take care and have a great weekend!

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