Good Morning Xangaland!

Just hanging out today working on getting some work done around here…  Here is my list of things to do in the next week!

  • Write weight loss article

  • Work on Taxes

  • Work on two pencil drawings for later in the month of February

  • Dinner at Mom’s house for my sisters birthday

  • Start getting ready for the Super Bowl party on Sunday

  • Clean fish tank

  • Work on blankets

  • Worship practice Wednesday night

  • Bead night Thursday night

  • Clean house

  • Laundry

  • Pack for trip

Oh hey do you guys know about that?  I don’t think I’ve told you…. Well on Monday the 6th Ryan and I are heading out of town.  We are taking our annual camping trip with my grandparents and this year we are heading out to Alamo Lake…. as in Remember the Alamo (see story # 9 on the left for details.)  We will be gone until Saturday the 11th.  I’ll be bringing lots of pictures back!  So on top of getting ready for a Super Bowl party Sunday we have to be ready to hit the road at dawn the next day!  Well maybe not quite dawn….lol. 

I also should let you know that it looks like Ryan and I will know where we’re going if we’re going within as little as two weeks.  He got paperwork yesterday that gave him a bunch of stuff he had to do and then turn in so that they could assign him.  They told him that we should have orders at the latest two weeks from now… so in as little as two weeks right?  lol  So I guess I should tell you where we may be going right?  So here they are in no particular order because I can’t remember the order right now…

  • Luke AFB in Phoenix, Arizona  (Rumor is not available.) 

  • Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana

  • Schriever AFB in Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • F.E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming

  • Fairchild AFB in Spokane, Washington

  • Mountain Home AFB in Mountain Home Idaho

  • Mchord AFB in Tacoma, Washington  (Not available)

  • Hill AFB in Ogden Utah  (Not available)

Well there you go.  We will know soon, who knows we may be coming to a city near you! I better get going I have a lot to do today! But first…..




Song of the day?  Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle.  

Just for her!


Sorry it does this little hitchy thing in the begining nothing I can do but the rest of the song is golden!




13 thoughts on “

  1. Happy 21st  Birthday Rebecca!  Sound like you will be pretty busy, the Super Bowl party will be fun and Camping with your Grandparents is great.  hope you all will have a wonderful camping trip. 
    I will be praying that you will be at a base that you will like.
    Have a nice day

  2. Yes tomorrow is puppy day! im so excited but nervous about the potty training part lol
    I hope yall have fun on your camping trip. I wish you could move near me so I could meet you and stuff 😦

  3. when do u have time to breath? lol. thanks for the prayers! i just handed my brother in law all my tax forms this morning, he already has it all figured out! whew! have fun doing everything you have listed!!!!!

  4. I hope you get everything done and have a good time on your trip! None of those cities are by me!  But it doesn’t matter. I’ll some how travel close by when I find myseld dragging a case of Pearl’s story behind me. lol Anyway, hope your week is going well and also hope your sister has a wonderful birthday!

  5. Wow!  You could end up in some beautiful places!  Hope God sends you where He feels you’ll like it best…
    Do you take a beading class?  There’s one not far from me that I’m tempted to try.  They make some lovely jewelry & other crafts.

  6. Happy 21st Birthday to your little sister…Im not far behind her!!! I will be 20 in a WEEK….whoot!!!
    Take care…sounds like a busy week…

  7. Hi baby!  Sounds like a full week ahead for you!  On the 6th, I go back to the dentist to have my crowns put on!  So, as you take off on your yearly journey, think of me with my mouth numbed, hanging wide open and sitting in the dental chair. . or not (could be a very “unpretty” sight!).  I hope you are much more diligent than I am and you get everything done!~K.K.

  8. Happy Birthday to your sissy!! You know, I thought Scott Air Force Base was one of your choices? None of those places are anywhere near me….I’m so sad!! lol  Oh well, God will send you where he needs you!!! You sure have a long list of things to work on. You take care!

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