Good Morning Xangaland!


Today is a very special day in the Laube household!  My oldest boy has a birthday today.


That’s right…. Yoda Albert Laube turns nine today!




I can still remember the first time I saw him…  Ryan and I went to the pound six months before our wedding to pick out a dog…  We wanted to have a dog together and just couldn’t wait.  It turned out to be destiny.




We walked down all the aisles and looked at the small dogs because we knew we would be living in an apartment for at least that first year.   And then I saw him.  He was so shaggy and dirty.  His hair literally dragged the ground all over his body and his fur was brown with dirt.  He was way too skinny and you couldn’t even see his face.  Honestly, you couldn’t even tell he was a pure bred schnauzer but I knew.  I walked over to him and said, “Ryan this is the one!  It’s a minutre Schnauzer.”  Ryan looked at me like I was crazy and said “No it’s a poop brown sheepdog!  I don’t want that!”  I told Ryan to look closer and as he approached the cage Yoda stuck his little nose as far through the chain link as he could, so far that he couldn’t open his mouth and licked Ryan’s hand and whined… That was it.  Boy and dog bonded for life.




We went and asked about him and found out that he would not be released for adoption until Wednesday and I would have to come when they opened and if anyone else wanted him there would be a drawing.  On Wednesday I showed up and there was one other lady who wanted him… I was crushed, I never win anything… I put my name in the drawing and ….. I WON!  The other lady was so mad at me that she actually got in my face and said that some little teenager didn’t deserve to win against her.. I probably wouldn’t take care of him anyway and she stomped out!  I didn’t care I was so happy!




They led me back and let me hold him and then told me his story.




He was approximately three years old.  He had been abused they said, probably hit by a car at one point.  He had a bad hip and coward away from men….  They also informed me that the level of his abuse was unknown however they could tell me that I could take him home today since he did not need to be neutered.  He had already been neutered with a hot pair of scissors.  I can still remember the look on the guys face when he told me this. 


Who could do that to this baby?




Over the first few months he was in and out of the vet a lot.  He was sick and malnourished and just plain beaten down….




It’s now six years later… He loves Ryan more than any person on this planet.  They are inseparable and there is not even a hint of remembered abuse in the way Yoda acts around him or anyone else for that matter.  He is intelligent and loving, a complete cuddler!  He is our baby.

Today we have had him for six years and on the record he turns nine… He has a baby brother that outweights him by about 90 pounds and he is king of this mountain… It’s a bitter sweet day watching him grow older… I wish he could be here with us for always.




My baby boy.




Happy birthday.




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  1. u make me want a dog…..shhh…dont tell aly…. =) 
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YODA! may the force be with you…..mwahah i couldn’t resist.

  2. aww.. what an awesome story.. gave me chills.. and you know what? It was meant to be.. because god probably knew that lady was going to be mean.. I mean if she got in your face, then what do you think she’d do to a lil doggie??  yay.. what a great story!happy birthday yoda!hugs!!

  3. This is so sweet. My brother Jack has a little dog just like Yoda. His name is Tom and he has a brother Huck. They drive me crazy! Jack, Matthew, and I are always wrestling, but Tom will attack Matthew and I for even touching his “daddy”. My Baby Cat wouldn’t attack anyone for me! But she would for Roger. What is it with men and animals? It like Adam in the Garden of Eden or something!
    But Yoda seems awfully sweet tempered. I hope he enjoys his ninth birthday!!

  4. Yoda is so cute. I love the pic of Yoda a sleep on your hubbys legs. I almost started to cry when you were telling about some of the abuse. I am so glad you two have him. We got our dog from the Humane Society. He just turned 9 this year too, I should say last june.

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