Kween_of_Queens movie challenge.  As always quick on the link to read more entries like this one.


What is the movie that you have seen that has affected you up until this very day?


Give the name of the movie,  and a brief synopsis of the plot.  Tell what effect it has had on you and why you believe it has affected you this way.


This challenge was very difficult for me.  I am of the movie generation.  Sometimes it seems as though life is made up of movies so how do I pick just one that has affected me and changed me in some way when, in reality, they all have?

However, after a lot of thought, and false starts I have.

My movie is…

John Wayne’s The Shootist

It is the last movie John Wayne did before his death in 1979.  It is a movie in which he portrayed himself.  An aging cowboy and gunslinger who finds himself becoming obsolete in this new world, and dying of cancer.  He sets out to put his affairs in order and change the world a little in the process.

  My father is a huge John Wayne fan and I will admit the torch has been passed.  I love John Wayne and am even now in the process of lighting it in my husband. I can remember watching this movie with my father when I was a girl.  I can remember it making me cry, I can remember seeing a bit of mist in my dad’s eye as we watched it together.  Even though ‘The Duke’ lived another three years, to watch this movie is to watch a legend die.

This movie taught me, at a young age, about the reality of the human races’ mortality.  The fact that we all die and nothing goes with you.    You see in this movie John Wayne has no family, no friends, no one to love him and remember him.  He dies alone.  He befriends a woman and her son shortly before his death and uses his last breath to change their lives but to them he is still anonymous.  He dies with a long life forgotten.  A lifetime of deeds that no one knows or remembers.  He dies a stranger.  This movie taught me that I didn’t want to die alone.

When I think of this movie it reminds me to be thankful for the family that surrounds me, and to never neglect the people that I love.  To never let someone slip into anonymity.

Song of the day?  Why the movie score for The Shootist of course.



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  1. Hey there! You know, for years I did not care for John Wayne movies but my husband got me hooked. lol  I liked the Shootist but my favorite movie with him is The Cowboys.

  2. LOL yes. bathroom scene’s and mirrors are the worst for me. ever since i saw what lies beneath. lol…gosh i screamed so loud. bad bad!!

  3. This is great! My family are huge John Wayne fans. I can remember on our movie nights, my brothers and I fought over which John Wayne movie we wanted to see …in our footie pajamas of course. McClintock was always my favorite, because I love Maureen O’Hara. I remember watching The Shootist but it made me so sad, kinda like watching The Cowboys. That one is just too sad for me! All grown up, I’ve learned to really love The Quiet Man. But in truth, I think any afternoon is wonderful watching any John Wayne movie.

  4. I am actually not sure of what the name of it is I am cooking..I watched it on Sandra Lee on the Food Channel one day last week and it looked good..Some type of pasta! LOL! I am not a sports person unless it’s in person..I love watching my brother play Baseball and my hubby plays basketball and softball..And I get into it then..But Not on TV..

  5. Yes! North to Alaska!! I always fought to watch that one but my brothers always won out. I haven’t seen that in years! Eldorado…I’ve watched that one a million times, which I love, but it was what beat out North to Alaska everytime.

  6. Hi There, I just dropped by from silvernicks site.  Hope you don’t mind.  Enjoyed your site.  As for the movie thing……I have seen many in my life time but I guess the one that has made the most impact on me would have to be the “Notebook”.  I am a RN and I take care of people afflicted with Alzheimers and it breaks my heart and this movie showed what a loved one goes through dealing with an affliction such as that.  It kinda of gave the world an eye opening moment into the lives of two people who love one another and how this disease slowly takes that life as they knew it away from them.  I hope you have a great day.

  7. Okay, that’s it, I’m now making a list of all these movies on the Kween’s site. I haven’t seen this one either, but I love John Wayne. The only one that bothers me is True Grit. Great movie, but Kim Darby gets on my nerves, lol! Great answer!

  8. wow Courtney!  Great post!  Gee, reading all of these makes me want to see them all, and I’m not a big John Wayne fan either!  But it sounds like such a good, sad, 3 tissue movie!
    Oh, by the way. . .ditz that I am, I forgot to do my post until someone came to my site and said that they had posted theirs!  Sheesh, so I did an EDIT and my movie is now up!

  9. That was really good and i’ve seen  it many times you dida great description and my hubby watches John Wayne overand over again. He was a great acter. Linda

  10. Very well written, Not a fan of his, don’t much like westerns, but seen this one and it was one of his best. The story line was great and he done it so very well.. Hope your day goes well,, ( we get the encore western channel, and it was on not to long ago)

  11. Oh what a great pick…love him..forgot to mention him agh…and what a wondeful way you wrote this…such a lovely description…thank you for sharing….take care…lee

  12. Wow. .John Wayne… I love him.. as yours, my Dad is a huge John Wayne fan..he owns every movie, I think..I actually think my Dad cried while watching “The Shootist”, because he knew it would be his last
    hugs, jen

  13. wow.. what a moving review! i can see how that movie could affect you!
    that would be so scary.. to die and not have anybody who remembers you or whose life you have touched!
    Ciao meow, Jette

  14. I have never heard of this movie.  The Duke was getting on in years when he did True Grit and I always assumed it was his last.  Tough lessons to learn from a movie or otherwise.  Treat yourself and watch Enchanted April.  I think its unqualifiedly delightful.

  15. COURTNEY I GOT YOUR BLANKET TODAY…OMG it got here in like less than 24 hours…..its ABSOLUTELY SOOOOO ADORABLE..I love it I LOVE IT.
    Its soo adorable…we love it! Hannah adores the HAT AS WELL…its soo cute…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
    IT MADE MY DAY WHEN MY MOM CALLED AND SAID I HAD A PACKAGE…it soo beautiful. You have nooo idea!!!!!
    1st your PAID…thank you soo much!!!!!
    cant wait to chat with you for real about what I want and need to talk to you about…
    thank you for being you COURTNEY!

  16. Jack and I watched some John Wayne movies this weekend on TCM.  We are big Duke fans, too.  I loved this movie, and your take on it was about the same as mine.  Thanks for sharing it, and reminding me of another movie that I just love. 

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