Sigh… a crushing disappointment…. not even a close game…. it was like watching the Cardinals….  Oh well it was just not meant to be this year… there’s always next year… but hey I’ll be to church on time.



Good Morning Xangaland!

So today is the day….  Oh wait I guess none of you would know….

I try to never talk about sports here because…. well I don’t know why….  But I don’t.

Well anyway I’m a huge football and baseball fan…. HUGE!

Favorite baseball team? Diamondbacks….

Favorite Football team? Denver, Broncos… has been since I was about ten…

Well anyway today is pretty much the Super Bowl for me…. the Denver Broncos face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Mile High city at 1pm MST and I am a nervous wreck!!!! 

Why you might ask?  Because it’s the Steelers and I being a Broncos fan am NOT a Steelers fan, however my brother in law is and he and I are trying our darndest to be civil to one another!  LOL  And the second reason is that the game starts at 1!!  I have to leave this house for church tonight at no later than 4:30 because Ryan and I are doing music!  I hope the game is over by then because my brother in law has to be there at the same time!  LOL  And we are going to be less than focused if the game isn’t over!!!!

So I’m off to pace and worry and bite my fingernails until 1pm…. and then scream myself hoarse!

 I’ll leave you with a picture of me waiting….

I’d have taken a picture of my Brother in law with his terrible towel but you know, didn’t want to break my brand new camera. 

Just kidding Zach!!!

!!!Go Denver Broncos!!!


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  1. Courtney!  I looooooooove football!  I live for it every year and never talk about it because no one that reads my blog cares for it!  lol!  I think Denver has the best coach but I cant go against the hometown hero from Detroit!  THE BUS, Jerome Bettis!  Go Steelers!

  2. As I sit here to comment, it is 12:28 PST.  Which means that the game has already started here and the rest of the family has situated themselves at various positions around the television.  I, on the other hand, feeling yucky and not caring one spit about any sport, have adjorned to my bedroom to Xanga my heart out and take care of the laundry details little by little.  I hope you have fun and that you make it in time for church!  That could be a very close call!~K.K.

  3. Well, I’m not a big football fan and my hometown team sucks, but just because it’s football… GO CHIEFS!!! BTW- I think the blankets are beautiful, let me know when you decide how much you are going to charge, I might have to order one!! -Michelle

  4. Oh… it is a very SAD day here in Colorado! At least they could have played well, but no! I’m trying to concentrate on the fact that they had a good season and it was really fun to see that again! Maybe next year… we’ll see.

  5. aw i sorry. i watched the second half of that game with my bro in law..basically becuz i had nothing else to do…he was crushed too that they lost. but hey, good news, my team won saturday! lol of course it’s hockey…

  6. Hello there! Just wanted to say hi. I have never really been into football. One of my friends called me last night and was ecstatic, “the Steelers are going to the super bowl.” I was like….”who cares?” lol I wish I could get into sports, but I just can’t! lol  Sorry your team lost.

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