To answer your questions… a blanket usually takes me about two weeks to finish… depending of course on the daily life circumstances….  The yarn of course changes but it usually costs me about twenty for normal yarn and about forty five for the special in materials then about 15 to ship it….. I have absolutely no idea what to charge for labor so make me an offer! lol


Good Afternoon Xangaland!

I’m sorry everyone I have been MIA for the last few days…. I have not been feeling very well… I haven’t been sick (thank goodness) just having … um…. hem…. womanly problems that were kicking my butt and I frankly didn’t move from the couch and my new massaging heating pad for days… (By the way I highly recommend this purchase if you suffer cramps… 20 dollars well spent let me tell you what!!!!!!)  I would have come around to say that but I swear to you all my whole brain was just shutting down…

So today I though I would use this late posting opportunity to shamelessly promote myself once again.  LOL  I try to post pictures of all the finished crochet projects I do because I actually archive and save my xanga to disc which means I will always have the pictures and explanations for every project…. the downside is you all have to put up with them!

So here are the pictures of the things I made for Christmas.

These are scarves I made for my sister in law Josie..

This blanket I made for my youngest sister Becky.  It’s square I swear I just really am too lazy to stretch it for ten minutes for a picture.  lol

This is the blanket I made for my other sister (middle sister) Charly.

This is the flag I made for my dad.

This blanket was commissioned by my aunt Susan (Sulimb) to give to Kelly (female_valet) for her new baby Jack for Christmas.

This one is for my cousin Matt and his wife Debbie.

Okay there you go that’s all the blankets for Christmas so far.  I’m still working on one for my Aunt Susan and I have several scarves I’ve made but haven’t given yet… Plus I am in the process of making my very first Internet sell!  I also have two new upcoming additions that I’ve got to start blankets for!  I really think I want to start selling them though… so if anyone is interested…. 

Okay I’m off to visit!  I swear I’ll be better at keeping up you guys. 




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  1. WOW Long time..That stuff is so pretty..I can’t sew or anything like that..I will sew my dogs toys up when he tears them up just so I can pratice! LOL..I hope I achieve all my goals in 06!!!

  2. You doing a lot of crocheting there girl!  Good Job!  That would be a good way to earn some extra spending money!  Sorry you didn’t get to use the new “Beta”, but soon enough.  My guess would be that  as soon as they get all the bugs out we will all be using it!~K.K.

  3. Okay, I might have a couple for you to do then. I will do christmas shopping extremely early this year lol. I will get back to you with specifics as soon as I get caught up on some bills (christmas drained me this year), get income taxes back, etc.

  4. We haven’t really done much planning, just bought the dress! Everytime I talk to my daughter about things she should do she says,”Oh, just thinking about it stresses me out” lol

  5. I seriously cannot make a blanket! The first and only one that I ever made did not end up a square! I don’t know if it qualified for any shape, for that matter.
    I’m sorry you had such a rough week. Sometimes, I don’t mind the really painful cycles because I can stay in bed and watch old movies…which is okay because I’ve heated up an old sock filled with rice so hot that I can hardly feel my cramps anymore. When they’re gone…I have a huge red burn mark on my lower tummy from that sock. It eventually fades, but that’s the only way that I can evade the pain. Last time, I watched “Saints and Soldiers” on the History Channel. I loved that movie! I was almost glad the cramps kept me home from church or I never would have seen it. 
    I should have turned off the Lincoln show but I got too mad…and was just hoping that someone would say something about how he DID have faith in God. Some of the people even argued that he was homosexual. I couldn’t believe it. And some people on xanga don’t seem to think it was a big deal…hence the reason I’d rather post stories than my own ideas because I get so hot headed about them. I still have not thought of anything to post because I’m too angry…or disappointed, one or the other.
    In story news: I’m almost finished with my manuscript! Which means…I can start my research for Peter and Pearl’s story. If you’ve ever read any good biographies dealing with World War II nurses or men in the 101st Airbourne, let me know! I’d appreciate it.
    You’re in my prayers!

  6. I would love to commision you to make a blanket for Abby. Where should I send the money too? Do I just tell you what colors I would like for it to be? and about how big are they when you’re finished with them?

  7. Hi I happened upon your site and wanted to compliment you on your blankets.  I especially like the flag one.  And then there’s the before and after pics of you and oh my gosh it blew me away! You’re so pretty and I sure wish I could be a size 4!  I don’t think I’ll ever get to that point, right now my goal is a 7/8.  I know I could be since both my sisters are 5’s but I’ve just always been physically different from them.  haha  Well have a great day!

  8. Well, well, a fellow crocheter!!! I too, crochet. Mostly baby blankets or afghans. I have one reversible pattern that I love to do. It’s my “signature” pattern. I usually give them as gifts at baby showers. I’ve thought about selling them as well, but it takes around two to three weeks for me to finish one, depending on what else is going on in my life. And with the amount of yarn in them it costs between $20 to $25 in just materials. I never fail to get compliments on them, though.Congratulations on your endeavors. Your work is very neat! The flag is beautiful. Your dad is a lucky man!Regards,Oakwillow

  9. This is going to be long and I apologize!
    I loved your explanation about the blankets. It was very beautiful. When I read it, I too had something come to mind. I remembered the promise that God gave me about how He already had my children and that one day…He is going to give them to me. Around that time, I was reading through the Christmas story in both Matthew and Luke…and one thing kept sticking out to me. When Mary was told that she was going to have a baby, it notes that she “treasured it up in heart”. Later, when Jesus has been born and people keep claiming that he is the Messiah when he is only an infant, again, it states that Mary “treasured it up in her heart”. For some reason, this stuck with me. It made me wonder if Mary didn’t quite grasp what God was doing in her life through her son. Yet, she treasured it up. She didn’t question God. She simply…left it in His hands.
    Then, I thought of Abraham, because last night at The Rock we talked about intrusting our dreams and purpose in God’s hands. That is not something that comes easy to many of us. It is so hard to let go. The message was supposed to center on how Abraham could not trust God. He doubted God every time that He told Abraham that he would be the one to free the Israelites from Egypt. He up and up refused to go because he was afraid…he didn’t believe God! Poor God finally had to let him take Aaron just so that he’d go!
    Now, I know you already know this story, but I feel I have to share what God put into my heart about this. You see, when I began to share this with the teenagers, God revealed to me that there was one person in Abraham’s life that did in fact know how to let go. His mother. This is what got to my heart…
    I’ve lost two children, you’ve been desiring to have children as well, you’ve been praying for them since you were a teenager, and yet, neither of our hearts have yet been granted our deepest desire. When I think of Abraham’s mother, I think of how much she must have loved her son. She loved him so much to trust him in God’s hands. As she made that basket, she must have cried as she shaped and weaved it all together. How many prayers she must have uttered…her heart must have felt as if it were being ripped from her chest. When the basket was finished, she took her baby boy down to the river’s edge. I can imagine that she held him so tight, tears pouring down her cheeks as she whispered one last prayer for strength. It couldn’t have been easy for her. Yet, she placed him in the basket, waded out into the water…and let him go. What amazing faith…
    I know what God has promised me…and I believe that He is giving you the same promise. He loves us so much, Courtney. He has caught each of our tears for unborn babies…and I believe He has kept count of each tear we’ve shed. He sees great value in the pain our hearts have endured,  but He will not allow the tears to remain forever. I think that…perhaps…He is just waiting to see if we can let go, completely and fully, and be left with nothing but His promise that we will “treasure up in our hearts”. It is impossible to let go when our hands are trembling with fear.
    Yet…He has plans for us…plans to prosper us and not to harm us. For no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived…that which the Lord has prepared for those that love Him.
    You’re in my prayers. Always.

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