Um I think I might have made featured content yesterday…. I had a ton of hits from people I don’t know all coming from default…. so weird.  Plus I got one guy who Googled this… “making pb and j sandwiches with my feet ”  and got my site…. um yeah… I have no idea!



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  1. Yup you made featured yesterday… it seems like every time you do the posts for Kween that you make featured.  I’m still laughing about “making pb and j sandwiches with my feet”… umm thats just interesting.

  2. That is really strange. Though I have always wanted to squash grapes with my feet like the episode of “I Love Lucy”. That seems like so much fun…something that would make me laugh so incredibly hard.
    Anyway, thanks for praying for me the other day. It meant a lot. Must have worked, too, because I had a good afternoon and nice visit. It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I work myself up, and then when I think that I am going to feel awful…I can feel and see all that God is doing in me…I feel blessed…and I know that I may not have this one thing yet, but God is giving me so much more in the mean time. I think that only thing that really bothers me is thinking that people may feel that there is something wrong with my body and that I don’t work correctly. That is when I have to stop and remember that I really shouldn’t care what people think of me in the first place.
    Thanks, again. You are a very special friend and I am keeping you in my prayers as well. And thank you for the site info. I’ll be thinking on that. 

  3. Ewe Feet and Food don’t go together. Ever. Its just wrong. I’m pretty sure its like the 11th Commandment or something and they had to get rid of it because they were converting the Commandments to metric.Have a great week.Love-Snow

  4. Hey, I was just looking through TTC Support and it led me to you.  I noticed that you’re involved with Pheonix 1st Assembly.  I’m wondering if you know Pastor Daily or his son Isacc.  I went to Master’s Commission with him.  Peace,Michelle

  5. haha!  pb and j sandwiches!  someone googles potatoes and ended up on my site!  i hope you are doing well.  its been awhile since you have posted.  i hope you are not sick like susan!((hugs))kelly

  6. I could really use a shoulder right now…email me and let me know when a good time to talk to you. I need some spiritual advice and help figuring some stuff out. I really need something to hold on to right now, besides Hannah. Hope to hear from you soon. Miss you.

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