Good Morning Xangaland!


My last update post was in September.  I felt I should update one final time as I have just passed the one year anniversary of my surgery.  This will be my final picture update post, unless something changes drastically.


Yesterday was my one year checkup for my gastric bypass surgery!  (Of course it was a bit late as my actual one year anniversary was on December 27, 2005.) 


My doctor and nurse actually did not recognize me when I went into the office yesterday.  They called my case an unprecedented success.  He actually asked me if I could send before and after pictures to the office so that I could be put in a flyer for the clinic!  My doctor said that as far as he is concerned I am at my goal weight, to forget the last ten pounds and he said I don’t need a tummy tuck which is apparently unusual…  He even told me that they had marked me down as a sucess story after my 7 month appointment… because I had already lost 70% of the weight that I was supposed to lose.  They were shocked!  I’m a little shocked too when I look at these pictures, I have to say.


So…. for the final post…



12 Months ago my life changed.

I had Gastric Bypass surgery on December 27th of 2004.

For health reasons.

In the intervening months I have;

Gone from 285 pounds to 150 pounds.  A loss of 135 pounds.

Gone from a size 22 to a size 4. A loss of 9 pant sizes.

Gone from 6 daily medications to just a handful of vitamins.

Gone from death by 30 to a long life ahead of me.


Here are my before and after front shots….


The before was taken just two days before the surgery on Christmas day of 2004.




Here are my before and after side shots….


The before was taken just ten days before surgery.




Here is my before head shot taken just two days prior to surgery.


And me now.





So here is to one year of amazing blessings.  To a new beginning and a second chance…


To a life appreciated.


Song of the day?  You Are My Hiding Place by Selah….  This song is one of my all time favorite songs and it has pulled me through many hard times… today it is a love song to my God who has been faithful in all things.. 




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  1. i’m so happy for you!!! see what happens when God is involved too!? even shocks the doctors =) you look like two different ppl up above! it was fun that i was able to watch it as it happened too..sort of? hehe

  2. Your story is so great!! I am so gald you are doing so well..A girl in my church is actually going to have it today!! I am so gald you had such a success story and that you dont need a tummy tuck..

  3. I did not know you had that sugery. I had thought about it, but I was to afraid of any complcations. So you did not have any extra skin after you loss all your weight? I am also afraid of that when I lose my weight.

  4. That is an amazing transformation for just one year. You look beautiful! And did you know that you have incredibly blue eyes? Duh! Of course you did.
    I am glad to see how much God has blessed you in twelve months. Not just with the success of the surgery, but he’s strengthened your faith, brought Ryan home to you safely, and done so much in the two of you spiritually. It has been so fun to see all that God is doing in you…
    Your comment made me laugh so hard. Of course I will be writing Peter and Pearl next! I can hardly wait to start, but I know when I finish this manuscript, I’ll have to edit, correct, polish…all before I can start research for Peter and Pearl. I’ll be starting by the end of next month. You can hold me to it!  🙂  
    Roger got such a kick out of your questions. Then, when he realized he didn’t know my fav. color, he made me quiz him on all my favorite things. When it got to what I wanted to be when I grew up (this being from a little girl’s perspective) he failed. I said, “I wanted to be an archeologist! Remember?” His response was, “Well, I knew that you wanted to find mummies…but I thought you wanted to do everything?” He’s half right. I wanted to be everything…but I wanted to find mummies for sure! lol
    My colors for my wedding were deep red and black. Why? Well, when I was little, my Aunt had this picture of a grand piano with red roses on it. I always loved that picture. So, when we decided on an evening wedding, I remembered that picture and wanted those colors with lots of red roses (my fav. flower). Doesn’t matter though. My wedding happened quite suddenly when Roger unexpectantly got his leave that he had been denied. We pulled the whole thing together in three weeks!! But it was so fun!
    Maybe tonight we’ll have peacefull dreams….lol

  5. Oh honey!  You look fabulous!  And it’s not just the gastric bypass surgery. . .you kept that weight off by eating right and exercising. . .the surgery is only part of it.  Many don’t realize that. . .they were talking about that on Oprah. . .your results are “Not typical”. . .your strength and preserverence are to be commended.  And your faith in God has been an inspiration I’m sure!  Stay healthy honey. . .don’t go the other direction!  And thanks for the advice about the music.  I’m not sure if it’s worth it to actually pay for it. . .I put so much on my site that if I have music on it constantly it makes it hard for it to load on some people’s sites. . .first thing I take off is the music. . and I’ve lived this long without it.  But thanks for the info!  I just might use it one day!  Hugs!~K.K.

  6. WWWOOOWWW!!!  What an amazing difference!! GO YOU!!  Aren’t you SO proud?  You are beautiful! 
    Thanks for the compliment…but of course I only post the *good* pictures!  ;o)

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your site before, but I’ve been reading off and on for awhile, and had seen quite a few of your update posts, and looked back at December to figure out what you were talking about! I just wanted to tell you what an encouragement your story is to me. I’ve especially loved the posts about you and your husband, which so reminded me that the Father’s timing is always best, and I need to be patient! Thank you!-Carey

  8. Courtney, Im always shocked when I see these pictures, but these seem to be more and more amazing than the photos I saw before. I cried at the happiness you can see by looking in your eyes. You were always beautiful…but you are stunning. Always. Its not your outside, its whats inside. You have been here for me so many times I cannot count. The first person I met on xanga and welcomed me.
    You are stunning, inside and out.
    Congrats on all your success and I wish you soo much happiness in your LONG life ahead…..

  9. I know you have to think I am a nutball but I just have to STARE at your pictures every time you put new ones on here. I have to see that weight loss CAN be done and the unbelievable change that can take place. You were beautiful before, but you are happier now and that makes you even more beautiful! Love you!

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