I don’t really know how it started… for that matter I’m not really sure when.

It’s probably been about three years now….

My husband and I sometimes say something other than I love you….  Sometimes we say… “Nubs.”

He started it and it made me giggle and somehow it just caught on and now we say it all the time.  I always figured it was a fad just like everything else, a cute phase you go through and eventually forget….  Then one morning something happened that cemented this little quirk into our marriage…

Ryan got up and got ready for work and I was still asleep in bed… I was so tired that I guess I didn’t really wake up when he kissed me goodbye (apparently that is not uncommon!)  He kissed me goodbye and said “Nubs”

I did this…cause I was too lazy to talk out loud.

Get it? Nubs? of fingers? Yeah maybe you had to be there oh well.


And so it became a part of our lives. 

Here’s to spontaneous things that make your day brighter.

Nubs to you all.  (snicker)

Song for the day?  Love Is A Movement by Swithfoot.  Seemed appropriate.  LOL



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  1. That is really cute! Roger and I squeeze each other’s hands two times to say, “I love you”. I think we started it when we were dating, but I can’t remember. There have been so many times that I am glad that we’ve had this silent pledge…times that are emotional…times when it is inappropriate to say it…but times when you all of a sudden feel it so you reach over and take their hand and give two little squeezes. I suppose lots of people do this. Nubs though…that’s weird! *wink*

  2. That is a cute story. I  love things that only my husband and I can share like that. I always call him Pickles (because of  Nichols) and everyone gets a kick out of that. Not sure when I started calling him that. Oh well. gonna run…Pickles is trying to call. Nubs to ya.

  3. that is really cool.  we dont do anything cool like that.  i am jsut thankful he doesnt call me shmoopie any more.  lol!

  4. hehe i love it. or…i nub it…=) 
    hi remember me? lol i feel like i haven’t been on here in forever. I WANT MY COMPUTER BACK! *pout*

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