Good Afternoon Xangaland!

Thank you so very much for your prayers and your comments…..  I just want you to know that you don’t have to worry about us…  As scary as it is to think about uprooting our whole life we are 100% sure that no matter the outcome it will be better for us.  The only place any of us can ever be happy is in God’s will and so if this is His will then I’m excited about what He’s going to do.  I’m excited about the possibilities.  God has always been so faithful to us even when we have not been faithful to Him……  Through all the trials of our young life He has held us up and this will be no exception. 

So that is my official statement… however forgive me if in the next few months I relapse into panic, frustration, anger…. I am human after all! 

Actually as scary as the idea of moving out of this state away from my very large and very close knit extended family is… I am also excited by the possibilities that open up before us.  A new place with better weather…. (spoken by the girl who loves winter weather and who’s favorite pieces of clothing are sweaters, jeans and boots and who even now on this 6th day of January sits at her desk in a T shirt with all the windows open to the 84 degree day) A place where my kids can grow up outside! (Here in Phoenix it is so hot in the summers that outdoor activities are limited to early morning and afternoons, and the hottest part of the year is when you’re out of school so you are locked in)  New opportunities for ministry, a new church!  (Don’t get me wrong the idea of having to look is terrifying but exhilarating all at once.)  There are just so many opportunities and possibilities if we have to go. 

Sadly enough as many of you know Ryan and I remodeled this house from the ground up and have just now got it pretty much the way we want it.  My home is my castle, I love to be here and I loved the work.  I thought I would be burnt out after everything we did to this place but I have discovered I am too much like my father in this… I am already looking for more projects to do…. So the possibility of moving has awakened a beast…  I could go anywhere, buy anything, and do anything to it.  It could be the house of my dreams or just another step along the way…. who knows and isn’t that what makes it exciting?!

It’s funny I started looking at houses again last night, trying to wake up the adventurous soul in me, and boy did it work.  I looked in all the places we might end up and a few I don’t really want to go just in case and I stumbled upon this house.  Let me just say I probably won’t move to this place, I won’t ever live in this house it will be gone long before I leave Phoenix but it is the idea that there are places like this one out there….

3 Bed, 2 Bath
3,402 Sq. Ft.

The BEST of New and Old in this beautiful home across from the park. This 3 bdrm, 2 bath home boasts a 30×40 heated garage, new kitchen and appliances, along with new windows, plumbing, HVAC, river rock fireplace, flooring, roof and paint. Even new landscaping. Enjoy the sun in your glassed in front porch.

Single Family Property, Year Built: 1916, Central air conditioning

  • Dining room

  • 3 car garage

  • Central air conditioning

  • Interior features: Clothes dryer, Clothes washer, Dishwasher, Disposal, Formal dining rm, Range and oven, Utility rm, Wood flrs

  • Exterior features: Fenced, Public sewer srvc, Public water supply

  • Approximate lot is 50X150

    Look at the possibilities here…. it just thrills me….


    This room……..  I can’t even begin to tell you what I could see here….

    I am just in love, the staircase the archway the fireplace…. sigh.


  • And the house… with is’s three car detached and heated garage for Ryan.  We would be in heaven.

    Like I said we won’t buy this house or even live in this place necessarily but my heart is open to the possibility of everything new….

    We will just put it in God’s hands and we’ll see…. but for now…

    I’m off to dream.

    Leaving this song, ‘The Ludlows’ from Legends of the Fall up again to day.  It just seems to be the perfect sound to dream to.


    P.S. I was just thinking that there is one thing that doesn’t change no matter where I go or when.  You.  No matter what happens I have this support group and this network of wonderful friends to surround me from the distance.  No matter what else changes in my life You will not and for that I am so thankful.


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    1. I love  your attitude about this. As an Airforce spouse myself, I totally understand the unkown of moving and new assignments. I do exactly what you do and research the area we are heading to extensively on the ‘net before the orders are even officially cut. But its great to dream and wonderful to experience new places. And like you said, we are always here for you!
      Love- Snow

    2. i’m glad you have peace about it all..i agree u will still have your moments and that’s cool..i’ll read your venting posts haha. i don’t think God expects us to act happy when we really aren’t enjoying the trial and testing and all of that that he wants us to go thru. he even says to test him. you guys will stay in my prayers!

    3. Hey there. Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful comment. I TOTALLY understand where you are coming from with it. I have often wondered if she is lashing out because of what she has had to do too. I don’t know. It’s VERY for us right now. Thank you so mcuh for being a great friend. You know….I am pushing for you and Ryan to come to Illinois….if you want a variety of weather, we DEFINITELY have it! lol….ALL year long! lol  Love you girlie!

    4. I’m so moved by your great faith in this post. I hope that if I ever get down and scared and frightened, that you’ll remind me that if you can get through all this…then, I can surely survive as well.  🙂  And it is nice to know that friends don’t change here in xanga land. But it is rather lucky that we exchanged Christmas cards because if for some freak accident fell upon xanga and it suddenly exisited no more…I would loose a very cherished friend.
      Well, I better go…though this song makes me linger each time. *smiles* I have got to get myself ready to head to the church for The Rock. I think I have four hours of sleep under my belt which is a rather funny mix when one’s head is spinning already from cold medication and…well…quite frankly…snot! But you’ll be pleased to know that when I re-read all the writing I did last night on my manuscript…it all came out brilliantly. So, no need to delete and start over…which brings me even closer to getting to Peter and Pearl.

    5. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, they are truely appreciated.  I wish only the best for you and Ryan and I know you will get it.  God has a special plan for you, I just feel it.  And by the way:  my husband only wishes he were a fireman and no, I did not buy the MP3’s at Wal-Mart, but thanks for asking….I think…..LOL.  Take care and keep up that positive attitude….it’s catchy. 

    6. Wherever you go, I know you will be serving the Lord…you are so positive and I know the Lord has big things waiting for you and Ryan! It’s so encouraging to hear such faith and love of the Lord from someone so young. I thank God for you and blessings to you and your family and in all the next year holds for you!

    7. You have an amazing attitude about all this.  I would be so scared.  Good luck and God bless and like you said, we wil still be here for you at your nearest computer!!! hee hee  I pray God will find you the perfect place!!!April :0)

    8. I am sure things will work out for you no matter what.. just like you said. You & Ryan have endured a lot.. now, here is something more for you to endure together. ;o)Wow, that house is beautiful!! Take care & enjoy your weekend!

    9. That is exactly how I handle our constant moving.  I research the area, houses and school.  Its always very exciting and exhausting at the same time.  A great site to use is if you havent used it already.  I love the crime lab.You know my husband gives me a hard time about xanga.  He lightly teases me but when he saw the blanket you made, cards Gini made, gift my friend Sassi and Sulimb sent he is honestly quite stunned.  He wanted me to tell you that he printed off the comment you left and will someday store that blanket and comment into Jacks chest so he will have it forever.
      Thaks again.

    10. I could easily see you in that house, curling your way down that staircase. Your faith is amazing my love, I am so excited for you both. And ah… the possibilities. Love you both, Me

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