New Orders….

Good Morning Xangaland!


I have to update you on something rather important.  Most of you will remember that a few months ago Ryan was told he was on a retraining list and was given the choice to volunteer or be volunteered.  We chose to volunteer and be able to pick the career field he would retrain into, the time frame, and the base we would eventually be stationed at, and crossed our fingers that we could stay here. 


He put in all of his paperwork, decided contracting was the career for him, and sat back to wait, as is expected of any good airman.  We waited and waited and then the contracting chief at Luke decided he wanted Ryan here bad enough to push back his school dates and change things around if Ryan wanted him to.  We said yes, delighted to have the chance to stay, put in the request, and all that was pending was the final routine approval and then we could give him the permission.


Well we waited and waited and were eventually told to not worry about it because we probably wouldn’t hear anything until January because of the holiday season but everything was fine.


Then a few weeks ago BAM.


Ryan went to work one morning and received an email telling him that he was pending non volunteer approval.  He was very confused for we were volunteer.  He started making phone calls.


Turns out that the Air Force, admittedly, took too long in the approval process even though Ryan did everything right they took too long and pushed it past the deadline.  So we were thrown over onto a non volunteer list and lost all the benefits of volunteering.  There was nothing any one could do.  It was their mistake but we will pay for it and it can not be reversed.  Because of the timing we were thrown into a rush as well.  As of 4pm Friday they had already put him on a pending class seat status.  Though there was no career chosen yet.


That was a Friday… we worried over it for days…. Suddenly we had no control and no way to change anything.  They were moving us and retraining him and we had no say.  Let me just say the moving part is scary but not nearly as much as the thought of my husband being forced into a career he would not enjoy.  They sent him a list of things they were considering for him.  Among them were, food services, personal, and secret service.  He hated the thought of them all….


Sunday night we had our church group pray and pray hard.


Monday morning we got news.  He had received his class seat and career.  You will never believe this.  He got contracting!  Not because he asked for it, it was simply luck of the draw, he asked to make sure.  We were astonished.  Well now we know that that was definitely the job for him and God definitely has a hand in it. 


As of right now he must report to Tech School on April 26th and will graduate on June 21st.   He signed his extension paperwork yesterday and has been told that the fact that he may have to reenlist may rush us getting orders but who knows…..


What we have been told officially is that about two weeks from graduation he will receive orders.  If they are moving us he will most likely have to report right away and I will have to stay and sell the house and pack up our things.  Then I’ll be flying to wherever we go to go house hunting and then once everything is done I’ll be moving up to join him..  I have a feeling that we’ll be moving.


For you see this is the scary part.   The only thing that has changed through all of this is our ability to choose.  He is still getting the same job but this takes away our ability to let the contracting chief push him back.  At this point there is a very large probability that Phoenix will be unavailable to us completely….  So all we can do is leave it in God’s hands and pray.


Please pray for us that wherever we go be it here or somewhere new it will be precisely where God wants and needs us. 


Guess this answers one of my Christmas wishes!  Finding out for sure…..




16 thoughts on “New Orders….

  1. I’ll keep yall in my prayers..I have two chances to go to NY (I think) With the girls from my church we take a shopping trip every year to somewhere different..Or with my brothers baseball team (Which we aren’t sure if that is where they are going this year) So Hopefully one out of the two will go through!!!

  2. God knows your heart and He will perform His perfect will for you. I’ll be praying for you to be prepared for His will and for your faith to be strengthened through all this waiting. Waiting is tough, isn’t it.
    I praise God for answering your prayer!

  3. Courtney!  The blanket for Jack arrived today!  I loooooooove it!  Its beautiful and I love how he rubs it with his little fingers! you are so sweet to think of us!  I truly  appreciate it so much.I am having a such a hard time getting on here but I will catch up with everyone as so as I get my stinker to nap!Again, thank you so much!Kelly

  4. Well Courtney, God never says the power of prayer will only work once. So…you never know. Look at it this way, IF you have to leave Phoenix, there’s always the opportunity to start over, and the opportunity for better things. Just breathe and let God take the wheel for a bit. (((Hugs)))

  5. i’m happy for you guys!!! and i will definatly be praying that you won’t have to move! prayer works and God is awesome!!!

  6. Well, Courtney, I think it is awesome that God showed you that it is all in His hands, just by giving the right job to Ryan. I would rest easy that you’ll end up exactly where He wants you…simply because He needs you and Ryan somewhere. Of course, that doesn’t it will be easy. It is always scary to move away, even if you know God is in control and directing every move. We can’t see through God’s eyes…and most often than not…He doesn’t reveal things to us until they are already happening, and in some times…past. I trust with all of my heart, that wherever you are going…is because someone needs you and your husband. You’ve done marvelous work in Arizona, probably been used to change lives and aren’t even aware of it.
    I’m praying hard for you guys. I know that God’s will is about to be done in your lives and that many doors are going to be open soon. Sometimes, it just serves us well to claim the promises he’s given us. And you know what…I think we’ll meet before we get to heaven for that tea. Maybe you’ll be closer to here…or maybe we’ll meet at Cragfont. *wink* Just know…that your life is going to be lived greatly…and you’ll never imagine that anyone could live happier.
    I told Roger about the song coincidence and about what God had placed on my ehart while praying for you and Ryan…about how things will happen in our lives at the same time…that God will be doing much the same in both our lives and marriages and how you agreed. He seemed a little misty and said quietly, “It’s nice to know that we’re hearing God right…and that there is someone else like us.”

  7. PS: You’ll be the first person I ask to read Peter and Pearl’s story from the begining…because I know it would mean the most to you and the one meaning the most to my heart.    🙂  That is…if you’re willing.

  8. Hey-thanks for letting me know and thanks for your prayers. I will be praying for you and Ryan about the job/location situation. That’s so great that he got contracting anyway-congrats!

  9. Your schnauzer looks just like my parents schnauzer Abby-she is grey like yours. We have a little black schnauzer-Maggie-who is my baby. They are really great dogs!

  10. wow, this is really amazing! First of all I think it’s such a God thing that he got contracting even though you didn’t have a choice! I’m pretty willing to bed that He will have a hand in moving you too. I know it must be super scary to have no idea where you are going…but since you have no contol it’s the perfect opportunity to trust Him! To me that’s kind of exciting….it’s like “ok God, it’s up to you…what do you have for us next?” I’ll be praying!

  11. Oh wow. . . well, at least he got contracting. . . and wherever you move to, at least you’ll be together honey. . .and you’re right, where ever you land, God has a  plan for you! ~K.K.

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