Good Morning Xangaland!


I have missed you all so very much!  It has been far too long.


I will be coming around shortly to try to catch up with all of you and comment…. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.  Guess I’ll soon find out!


Ryan and I had a wonderful Christmas…. Well three of them actually.


(Before I start posting pictures just to let you know if you want to see anything closer just click on the picture and it will open big in it’s own window.)


On Christmas Eve we did Christmas with Ryan’s family and it was wonderful…. I got a new Bible (thank you Zach) and a new knife set and a set of Wolfgang Puck mixing bowls…. (Thank you mom) loving them let me tell you what.


Ryan got an MP3 player and a ……… light saber!  LOL Talk about having fun.  Here is a picture for you.



Here are some more pictures of the rest of the day.


These are pictures of Andy and Josie, my youngest brother in law and only sister in law!




This is my Mother in law with her new puppy Sadie.



These two are Ryan and I with Denny and Cheryl and Zach, Ryan’s parents and brother.




Me with Sadie and her sister, Shorty!



I have to brag about one thing really quick… The gift I gave my brother in law Zach.  I brushed off my pencils and did a pencil drawing for him for Christmas and I love how it turned out.  Of course it’s framed really nice but the picture came out bad so I just focused in on the drawing for you.






The next day, Christmas day, was the big family Christmas (14 people) at my house for the first time ever.  It was a lot of fun.  I had the best cooking day of my life everything I made came out better than ever…. Don’t you just love days like that?  I even made my first turkey ever and everyone always says that your first is your worst…. According to my family I will have to work hard to best this one.  Thanks again to my Mother in law for the recipe and the roasting pan and the knives…


Here are some pictures of the day for you.  We all had a really good time!


Our Christmas tree.



My parents and grandparents on the couch and then dad, grandpa, and uncle in a turkey coma!




My grandma and my youngest sister Becky.



My two younger sisters Charly and Becky and then in the second picture if you look close you can see my dog shamelessly begging.




My cousin (though I think of him as nephew) Lucas, Sulimb’s son.



My dad at my bar.  My mom and her sister Susan or as many of you know her Sulimb, which yep makes her my aunt!




Ryan looking cute.



Me and my mom in my kitchen working on the food! 



Ryan and I at the end of the day!





The next day was my family Christmas at my mom’s house.  We had once again a wonderful time.  We got there at 8am and stayed until almost 11pm!!  We had our traditional Christmas breakfast and then another dinner later in the day. 


Here are pictures of that day as well.


Me wearing the sweater Ryan bought me for Christmas, good job honey!!



Mom and Dad cooking Christmas breakfast.  Aren’t they cute?




My sister Becky getting ready to play Santa!



Becky and Charly with the blankets I made them for Christmas.




The perfect Fireman face!!!



This is a funny story.  I made my dad a blanket for Christmas and I decided to do an American flag.  About a week before Christmas he said something, for the very first time I might add, about wanting one…. He of course figured there would never be enough time…  When Becky handed him the box he just belts out Blanket?!?  You had to be there but it was really funny.  The first picture is of him making that very same face as he opened it.  LOL  The second is of course the blanket.




Him inspecting the stars.



And what would Christmas pictures be without a few of Ryan and me goofing off?


Me in a, ha ha, sexy pose….. snort! Although it does make my legs look a mile long… hmmmm maybe I should send it in to Vogue or something…. LOL



Ryan in his….. gafaw, chortle, as my sister would say.



Okay that wraps up Christmas for you guys.  LOL This is so long by now I’m going to have to do New Years and everything else that’s going on in the next few days!


So see you tomorrow!!





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  1. You have a beautiful family WOW! You look like a hot model in that last pic of you, you go girl. Your blanket is beautiful of the stars and strips. Hey what would you charge for a blanket like your dad’s?

  2. Courtney, this is almost scary! I can’t believe this song is on here. It is so random…and errie considering my post! I actually have tears in my eyes, because I feel God’s presense so…well, I don’t even know how to write it…or say it. I just feel as if there is so much more happening than we could ever imagine. I don’t know what in the world God is doing, but all I feel is His amazing love that I am so pathetically unaware of its vast magnitude. In each picture, I sense how God has blessed you. You look so happy and beautiful…like a princess that is just about to bow at her King’s feet and receive and great and unbelievable gift.
    I’ve had a sad couple days pass by, but all of sudden, just by coming here, I feel a lot better. I remember that God is fathful to fullfill promises and answer prayers. I have to go now though, because I have masscarra dripping off my chin!! But I LOVE this song! lol…
    May this be a the year that our dreams, our hearts, and God’s will is revealed to us…and our families.
    By the way, I love that picture you drew. I haven’t been able to draw in such a long time…as lately I feel more adequate to serve God in written words…but you are greatly talented. Okay, now I seriously have to go. My face is is growing sticky and I need a kleenex! You are a very cherished friend…and I hope God puts our mansions close together up there in heaven. Because we’re having tea!!!!

  3. PS: (The kleenex will have to wait) That picture of the couple that I pray for each day, that sits on my desk next to the picture of the girl with a headfull of dreams…well…the little girl is a picture of me…and the picture of the couple is the picture you sent with your Christmas letter. lol….I thought you would get a kick out of knowing that.

  4. great pics!!! looks like alot of fun..that last one of ryan cracks me up!!!!! lol..that flag looks awesome! how long did that take to make????

  5. OMG COURTNEY! You look AMAZING! wow. It sounds like you had such a great christmas!! The pictures are great and the one of you with your vogue pose is adorable! youre just looking fabulous these days! I have missed you though! and I was so glad to hear from you today. My hormones are just going crazy and im still trying to get used to the whole idea that im pregnantr and its not like ive done this before nor did we expect for me to be able to you know? so im still trying to figure this all out too and it would be easier if matt was more supporting like mabye cooking dinner once…or doing the dishes..or the laundry or helping around here. I know he works and I dont right now, but come on. school starts in like 5 days and im getting stressed out wondering if im going to be registered in time and ive got a lot on my plate..and so does he. we just have to stay together on this and work it out and try not to get on eachothers nerves so much I guess. Have you tried campbells brocolli, potato, cheese with chicken soup? OMG. its soooooo good! im eating it right now with pineapple. mmmmmmmm. im just glad to hear that you had a time off and mabye ill feel better once I visit home and my family in march. who knows. I have to get going to applying at places for work though so I will talk to you later!!!!

  6. What a wonderful Christmas ya’ll had! I love all of the pictures….you guys look so happy!!! I’m so proud of you for how much weight you’ve lost and how great you look! (((Hugs)))

  7. Great pictures! Wow, have you lost even MORE weight…you look great! Ha, Ha Ryan with his light saber…my kids would love that one…they’re Star Wars Nerds, we even have a whole game room dedicated to Star Wars with life size cut outs of Luke, Leia, and Han!!! It’s such a blessing to have a close family, I’m glad you had a great Christmas!

  8. Oh yeah baby, I need to get me a copy of Ryan in that last pose! Wanna hear something funny? I have a pic of Luca with his own mask and lightsabor. Gonna try and get it up later today if Xanga cooperates. Loving this new camera. Loving it!!!!! Love my family and love you too, Me

  9. I loved all the pictures! It was so good to see your family. You look great! and I really love the blankets you made…I LOVE the American Flag one…I bet your dad really loved it. ANd I have to say that your grandma is BEAUTIFUL!

  10. Wow. The blankets were absolutely beautiful and your sketch…just awesome. You have a lot of talent. And by the way you in those pics, you look wonderful! You only have 10 pounds to go!

  11. Hey. I was just browsing and thought I’d stop by. Your site is very pretty and the pictures are cute. The one you drew is awesome. You’re very talented. I hope you have a great day!

  12. I love the pictures. You look gorgeous as ever. The drawing is absolutely beautiful!! I WANT ONE!!! lol  You are truly talented. The blankets look wonderful. I am so glad you shared pics of Susan and Lucas too. You have a beautiful family!

  13. wow… so many pictures.. where do I start?? hmmm… first off.. you look beautiful as always :o) looks like you all had a wonderful time and the blankets turned out wonderful.. and the drawing… WOW  I liked it :o) It’s amazing to me the difference you show between this Christmas and last Christmas.. I am so proud and happy for you.  Take care and have a wonderful 2006 look forward to hearing more about your New Years

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