Good Morning Xangaland!

Another day without time to do anything here…. I have to admit though that I’m very lucky to be free to do this all day every day even if it gets a bit tedious…..

I must explain yesterday’s post….  I got that thing in an email from my husband at 7am.  I was sitting here in my big fluffy robe with a nice hot cup of Earl Grey and it was the first email I opened.  Thank God I put the tea down to lean all the way forward to turn up the speaker….

Then you know the drill.

It screamed I screamed louder and then I burst into tears.  The hot kind that prickle the back of your eyelids and practically choke you with their sobs….  I sat here balling for about five minutes and realized………………….. I had to share.

Off to work on the blankets again… Getting close to getting done which is good since there are only nine days left!



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  1. Oh my gosh-that creepy thing is going to give me nightmares, Courtney!!!!!!  Your hubby is so mean! ;o)  Just kidding-I send that kind of stuff to my mom all the time–it really freaks her out!!!!!  Your music of “Carol of the Bells” that is playing is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  What version?  Who is it?

  2. Your reaction was a little different from mine!LOL..I just screamed and then laughed!! I have gotten an email similar to that before but that was different in some ways also!! It was funny..But what is ironic that you had that up was Wed night we were watching American’s Funniest Videos or whatever it is called and it showed people opening emails with that type of thing! LOL Have a good weekend!

  3. Everyone is so busy!  WEll, I need to get busy too!  Shame on me. . .must go out and spend lots of money on myself and then have my husband take back all presents HE got for me!~K.K.

  4. ROFL at Jeri’s comment. Not that her husband doesn’t deserve it, the butthead! Oh yeah, thanks so much for sharing that. And be sure to thank Ryan too and Becca since she forwarded it too. Brats all of you! But you wanna hear something even funnier? After it scared the pee out of me, I showed it to Lucas! And he bawled too! Hey, we might be one gigantically sick family, but at least we have fun doing it!
    Love Ya, Me

  5. I thought it was awesome! I’m sending it to a few people that I wish I could be there to see their reactions. And that you for the prayers, by the way. Tonight went incredibly well. I can fell that God is at work with these kids and this ministry. I’ve never seen these young people so giddy with excitement…and all for swing dancing. Next time we start our interactive devotions about The Chronicles of Narnia and how it relates to them. It is so cool with scenes from the movie that go along with it. The kids are excited, and I am praying that God will get ahold of some of them in a very real and powerful way. This community, this nation, needs young people that grow up to fight hard in the spiritual battle that is nearly suffocating us all. If they don’t…I hate to imagine what this place will become.

  6. YEs I wanted to thank you for that. LOL My dogs both came running because I screamed so loud. Scared the crap out of me. Hope you had a great weekend.

  7. I just got done praying and I thought I would write you…
    I’m pretty sure that you’ve commented on this before…but I really just felt that God had such plans for us that when we are finally able to catch our breath and realize what He has done…that we’ll be blown away and left breathless. I also felt that there will be so many similarities in timing when God starts to answer our prayers and pour out His blessings…when He begins to use us where He has placed us…and that at some point…our paths will cross. It sounds bizarre typing it, but as I was sitting in my rocker quietly feeling God breathe all this on me…it felt for sure…and certain…and was such a reality that I laughed out loud. I am in such awe as to how God orchestrates things and brings people into other’s lives…and how He uses that as part of His Will and plan.
    I don’t know at all what God is about to do in our lives and our marriages, but I can feel in my bones that we will end up feeling like the most precious daughters, like princess doted on by their Heavenly Father, and like treasured jewels…lol   Gracious! I’m not at all sure about those words…but I believe them, and I claim them.
    So, I just thought I would let you know that. God is about to bless you and Ryan. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I just know…

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