Good Morning Xangaland!

I can not play today I have so much to do…. I can’t believe this…

Only 10 days til Christmas!

Okay and so I’m off to go work on blankets and such… but before I go I have to share this with you…


It is someone playing a part of Jingle Bells backward and you won’t believe how creepy it is….  Nothing like a little Christmas cheer..  Make sure you have your sound on..  Here you go.



*EDIT* Okay guys the link is fixed except now you have to click on the go then on the go again to start it.  Well worth it though…. so weird.  *END EDIT*


What do you think?


Have a good ome everbody.




17 thoughts on “

  1. I can’t hear anything from here, or from your email, or from the forwarded email Becca sent me. All I get is the blue screen home page. But I love creepy things so try me again. I’ll be around for a few later on today.

  2. YOU JUST SCARED ME TO DEATH!!!!!!!! I think I’m having a heart attack…if I don’t post for a while you’ll know I’m in the hospital and it’s all YOUR FAULT! LOL

  3. AH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why you do that to me???? You scared the crap out of me.
    I was trying to hear what it was saying…. so turned up the volume all the way…..
    I should have known better.

  4. WHOA. I was watching that with Nora on my lap, and when the face came out, it freaked her out really bad. And me too!!! But she’s really cute when she’s freaked out. I know that’s probably sick of me to say, but seriously, the child is really cute. -Michelle

  5. Hey Courtney.. lol I think I bout fell outta my chair and my heart is racing now.. I went back and read your Santa letter.. Your so creative with words.. I really admire that… xoxo*hugs* Umm I posted my letter today BUT IT LATE.. *Crys* boo hoo hoo ~Leslie~

  6. You scared me to death!!! My scalp tingled! It does that when I get really freaked out. It was good though…but my heart is pounding so hard right now. I’ll have to send that to my mom at work.
    Oh, and thank you for the wonderful comment. It makes me feel very content that God is doing much the same in another couple as he is in Roger and I. Have a wonderful, peaceful day today workning on your blankets. Watch a good movie while your working! I wish I could be doing something like that. Tonight we have an 40’s Christmas Ball that The Rock is hosting for the youth. It should be wonderful with the swing dancing and Frank, Bing, Dean, and Nat King Cole singing the Christmas favorites. The teenagers are excited, which is interesting. They get to dress up in vintage clothes and bring a date. But, before then, God and I have to get together because he still hasn’t quite given me the message for the end of the evening. Talk about stress! I still have to get to the church and finish decorating before people start dropping the food off.
    I guess I should probably get off here….*wink*

  7. Thanks for that, definetly got my heart racing…enjoy your day!! Was wondering if you knew where I could find the song, Mary did you Know? I have a partial version but can’t seem to find the whole one, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!! Lora

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