Good Morning Xangaland!!


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Christmas 2005

Dear Santa


            It has been many years since I have written to you and I truly hope that those years of neglect do not affect the efficacy of this letter.  I do not usually find the question, “What do you want for Christmas?” daunting, but alas, this year I will admit it has given me pause.  I have been forced to engage in intense ratiocination to complete this task set before me.  But at last, I have a list.


            For Christmas this year, I want the ability to put my hand in my pocket and pull out perfect change for anything and everything that I wish to purchase.  Be it a BigMac or a Big screen I want to always have the means right here in my pocket.


            I want to acquire the ability to remember in perfect detail all of the moments of joy in my life, and all the not so perfect ones.  I want a veritable picture book of memories that I can access at a whim.  Then I want the promise of a lifetime of them to fill that book.


            I want to wholly understand at all times how blessed I am in this life.  To appreciate the people, the details, and the freedoms bestowed upon me daily.


            I want to conceive a child.  To know that this Christmas will be the last without a ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ ornament hanging from our tree.  The last year without wrapping paper strewn across my humble abode and forgotten in the bliss of another family Christmas.  The last year of being barren.


            I want the empty room in the front of my house to cease being my craft room and become the nursery that I painted into existence in faith over a year ago.


            I want to be given the absolute answer on whether or not my husband and I will call this city home for much longer.  I want to know if and when we are moving and most importantly, where?  If our destiny lies elsewhere then I want the peace of mind that wherever we are placed, be it here or somewhere new, it is precisely where God needs and wants us to be.


            I want to be surrounded and engulfed with my family.  To always know that I am loved, and that through all of my struggles I will never be alone.  I want them to know that I will do the same.


            Not what you had in mind?  Miracles a bit out of the budget this year?  No problem I have a secondary list.


1)      Laptop

2)      Desk Calendar

3)      Bookcase

4)      Movie passes

5)      Cheese board and cutter

6)      New camera

7)      Server

8)      Bronco’s sweatshirt


(Probably still a little extravagant but what’s a girl to do?)


Most Sincerely Yours

Courtney Laube



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  1. Hey yes, I am glad they know what the problem is and I am looking at it like at least we can have kids!! It may just take us a while but there is a bright side to this..Yes I will check out the stuff you left me and Thanks!

  2. Oh I love your letter and I hope that the true Santahas a wonderful miracle in store for you. I wish that Joy for you this year!
    God bless,Linda

  3. May you be blessed with a child in the coming year, dear Courtney.  And may you always feel the love of your family and friends … and may they always feel your love for them.  I sincerely hope that you receive all the answers you seek.  And may you receive some of the non-miracle items on your list as well.  Merry Christmas, Jill

  4. Ah…Courtney. This broke my heart. I have almost a perfectly matching letter to your’s. Yet, I know that no matter what, God must think we’re incredibly strong and special women. He has big plans…
    Of course, it is hard to accept all of it while hearts are aching with unanswered questions and unmet desires that remain hidden in our hearts. I guess, maybe, this is how God teaches us about faith. I’m terrible at latching onto faith and clinging to it with every part of my heart. It has even become very hard to spend quiet time with God. This may sound odd, but I keep feeling him urging me, as if he misses me, and asking me to sit with him a while. He does this while I am very busy cleaning or writing. I look up at the ceiling and say, “I don’t have anything to talk about. I’m mad at you.” Sometimes I can’t believe that I just talked that way to my Heavely Father…and another part of me believes that He understands. Still, I know that I cannot continue on this way. It leaves the door wide open for the enemy. He knows that I love Him despite my aching heart…
    I’m keeping you in my prayers (which may not be worth much at the moment), but I do remember to ask God to be with you and Ryan. *hugs* It seems that we’re one and the same….which gives me a bit of comfort that another woman is holding on to her faith with dear life…and I can continue to do the same as well.
    I’m not completly sure any of that made sense…
    Oh! And I have a Christmas card to send you as soon as I buy stamps!! I got your letter and picture. It sets on my writing desk as a reminder to remember you every day in my prayers. Roger knew who you were before I even explained…as I sometimes mention a lot of the things you write about that open my eyes to something I hadn’t seen before. Especially the dream of Ryan’s you wrote  about where you were standing back to back fighting the enemy. Roger loved that!!! *wink*

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