Good Morning Xangaland!

The only reason I am here today is that I am at work and there was a small scheduling faux paux and so here I am with really nothing to do but visit with you!

So it’s been a few days and we have accomplished quite a bit but there is still much more to do…..  I have finished another blanket and Ryan has finished the outside lights…. I have two more blankets to go and there is still the Christmas tree…. we also have the prayer meeting at our house next Sunday so there is that to get ready for.  Sometime in here we will be getting a visit from an out of state friend that we haven’t seen if far too long!  Then the big Christmas dinner is at my house this year so there is that to plan for and I have yet to make a menu and let everyone know what to bring…. yikes!  I’m really excited about all of it though! 

We are in the process of refinancing some things to get everything paid off again…. (You will remember that we bought a new car and then had the refrigerator, oven, stove, and microwave all burn up in a weeks time)  So that should give us a bit of breathing room for Christmas! 

I will post pictures of our Christmas decorations soon and then I can’t wait to show you the blankets I have made for gifts… but it will have to wait until after Christmas as all of my family reads this!!! 

Okay that’s got to be it for now!  I’m coming around to visit all of you and try to catch up and I have to get cracking on writing my Dear Santa post for the Kween_of_Queens web blog due on Wednesday.


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  1. Sounds like you’re more than busy. I hope that you get some resting time in there and time to cuddle up for a good Christmas movie and hot chocolate. Those things are the best part of the Christmas season!!  🙂
    Thanks for all the comments…especially the baby one. It has gotten to be such a huge elephant on my shoulders…and I think Roger is very afraid because he doesn’t want to really try for a baby. It is becoming a huge burden and frustration…mostly because we don’t feel that we are supposed to try for a baby right now. We feel God is calling us somewhere. So many people have spoken it into our lives, saying that God is bringing us into the minstry. We feel it ourselves, we’re praying about it, but there is still this huge wall up in front of us and we’re left waiting and wondering just what God is wanting to do with us. It is all rather draining. The waiting and patience is daunting and I am terrible at both. But I am glad that you are praying for us as we are for you. It helps to know what someone is sending your name up to heaven even we you don’t have the strength to do so for yourself. You are a wonderful friend, Courtney. I believe with all my heart that God has huge plans for you and Ryan as well.

  2. Busy, busy, busy. I don’t know how you do it. I would be crazy. Well I am and I’m not that busy. Take care and good luck getting everything done.

  3. I’m glad to see you’re getting more accomplished than me, lol! I’m SO frustrated and ready to be done. Good luck paying things off…it really does feel so nice to have that out from over your head and have some breathing room. We’ve got a looong way to go before we’re done, but it sure feels great to be getting rid of it. Have a great day, hon! (oh, and if you get a chance, can you send me your’s and Susan’s address again…the virus screwed up my email pretty bad and I had to get rid of some stuff)

  4. I just got your messages. ill take the comment off. woohoo. im glad you gave me your address, heres my email address for you since you might need that some time too. I hope everything is going well and wish I had more time to write but I have to get going! love you!!

  5. You are so busy!  That seems to be the case everywhere on xanga these days.  *sigh*  The older Ben gets the busier I feel with all these school activities.  Blah!Have a good day Courtney!

  6. omgosh! get that tree up you two!! lol. i wanna see the lights on ur house that ryan put up. come on! post post post. =P

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