Have I Mentioned……?

Good Morning Xangaland!

Have I mentioned that every third Thursday all the ladies in my prayer group get together and we make jewelry?  I know I know on top of everything else I do….  But it’s so much fun and the stuff that has come out of it…..

I just thought that since today is yet another busy day for me….(when isn’t it anymore) that I would share some pictures with you guys for the weekend.

I apologize that a few of them are blurry but jewelry is very hard to photograph…. so annoying!  LOL

This is the one I made my first time…It’s real turquoise and stone beads…. This is probably the reason I’ve never mentioned it… I have only worn it once since I made it with nothing in my wardrobe in mind and then low and behold it matched nothing.  But pretty is pretty right?


This was my first of last night…. A pretty multi color that I can wear with anything…..Not going to make the same mistake twice.


This next one is a pretty green and gold one with little leaves hanging down.  I saw the little bobbles and just couldn’t resist.


This next is a set or as my Aunt Lee calls it, a suite.  I will be making the earrings to match it the next time around.  This is made of filigree silver beads and believe it or not my husbands great grandmothers’ pearls.  They aren’t real but they are good fakes!  My mother in law had them in her case and when I expressed an interest she said to go ahead and use them… So I made a bracelet and when everyone saw how pretty it turned out I was encouraged to make a necklace.  I love them and can’t wait to put together some earrings!

The Necklace

The Pearl Suite by Courtney (Snicker)

Well there you have it… That is what our Thursday night ladies meetings are made of.  The things a woman needs in life, talk, pie, and pretty things!

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!



15 thoughts on “Have I Mentioned……?

  1. those look great! my sister makes earings and sells those..i wouldn’t have the patients to do that stuff..how long does it take u? i think it has taken her up to 3 hours on one pair of earings. i’d pull my hair out lol.

  2. Oh how fun! I guess I just need to move to Phoenix and join in your activities, because I’m jealous that you get to do so many cool things! I love all the pictures, everything is so cute!

  3. How pretty!  Im with your first commenter up there.  I could never sit still long enough to complete one.  hehe!  I just joined a Moms group and they do fun things like this once a month.  Hopefully I will be able to join them once in awhile.
    I am a big cheater!  hehe!  I couldnt help myself.   
    Have a great day!

  4. I love the pearl set ( my birthstone)That takes me back. My mom used tomake jewelry just like this.I really like the one with the little leaves.Can’t wait to see the earrings.Merry Christmas

  5. M’Lady
    A reminder:  The writing challange for Kween of the Queen blog ring is due on Monday, December 5.  Be sure to post your Letter to Life and then let me know so that I can link to your site!

  6. I’m really loving the green set, yeah so I’m different. Like you didn’t already know that about me. I just want to thank you for all the support you’ve given me this week. You know how much I value you and your opinions. I love you baby,,,Me

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