Okay don’t panic!  I haven’t done a stitch and it’s 1:45.  I remembered belatedly that i have a formal tea thing to attend tomorrow and I don’t have anything formal. So I’ve been out shopping all day, in this horrible Chirstmas rush.  I found…… something.  Hope it works well enough.  Okay now to the couch!

*End Edit*


Good Morning Xangaland!

I will be spending my day firmly planted on the couch crocheting.

How come all year long when I’m begging for projects it never occurs to me to start thinking about which people will receive blankets and such?

Well I have finished about half of what I need to do for Christmas but I have the hard part left so that’s what I’ll be doing today and tomorrow and the next day……. So far I have finished one for my sister Charly, the one for Kelly, and something for my sister in law Josie.  I’m almost done with the one for my youngest sister, Becky, but then I have my Aunt Sue, my cousin and his wife, and some things for my Mother in law and my dad.  Lots of work.  I’m taking pictures as I go though and will post them when all is said and done.

I swear that Air Stagnation Advisory is still in effect until 10 am today.  I have no idea.  It says something about a stable atmosphere and light winds causing it and that it is not a pollution warning.  Well then what the heck is it?  What does it mean?  And most of all what am I supposed to do about it?  I just don’t know.

Well not much else going on around here.  We have all the decorations up except for the Christmas tree and the outside lights and hopefully those will be done this weekend, then I’ll take some pictures. 

Hope all is well.



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  1. i wish i could stay on the couch all day today. grr. about the gas, it’s 1.92 here so yes it’s going down. mwahah. never thought i’d be so happy about it at that price. o well. wear a GAS mask! im tellin’ ya! now! lol

  2. Well, my behind will be firmly planted in an uncomfortable chair working today too. Bah! I wish I could tell you what’s up with that Air Stagnation Warning, but I’m baffled too. Maybe you could check out the Weather Channel website and see? That’s the best thing I can recommend. Hope you get lots and lots done today….I’m off to work.

  3. I would love to have a whole day to crochet.  I have one afghan I need to get done for my nieces’ birthday which is Dec 15th.  And it needs to be sent to California…..I’ve been working on it off and on but the Thanksgiving holiday put me a little behind.  Good luck with your decorating….can’t wait to see the pics.

  4. Hey cool beans!  Im so excited!  hehe!Thats kinda weird about the whole stagnation thing.  Maybe I we should google it if you havent already yet.Have a fun day finishing up your crocheting!((HUGS))Kelly

  5. Have fun today sitting on the couch!! I am sitting in a chair at work! FUN!!! Hopefully my hubby will get over this fear soon and he will go ahead and get it done!!!

  6. I’m super jealous that you get to sit and crochet. I get to deal with a fussy girl!! I think I’m supposed to find this fulfilling, but for some reason I just feel like the house is closing in on me. I’m also jealous that you got to picnic for Thanksgiving. 18 people stuck in a 3 room house, and 8 of them were under 10. Being outside would have made things much better. -Michelle

  7. Good luck with your projects!!! It sounds so hectic!!! I googled air stagnation alert definition and this is what I got:A statement issued by a National Weather Service office when atmospheric conditions are stable enough that the potential exists for pollutants to accumulate in a given area.
    Hope that helps some! Ha ha!!!

  8. Well honey, I know you actually made it back to us!  But where’s your post?  Love ya!  Ok, by the way, we didn’t used to go to the movies much after we were married (a weekly event at least before we did get married though). . .and esp. after having kids. . .but now, thankfully, we’re getting back into it. . .however, with the new TV. . .well, we’ll see!~K.K.

  9. Hey Courtney,I just wanted to stop by while I have time and say hello and thank you for the support. I dont know what matts problem is about the pregnancy..but I will tell you one thing..when I go to the clinic tomorrow, if I walk out of there without a positive pregnancy test I am going to throw a fit! I am in soooooooo much pain right now. Either I have a bad cyst that is acting up and making me feel like this and threw the test off or I am pregnant like it says. all I know is that Im extreamly frustrated with a lot of things…and matt being against me right now is the last thing that I need you know? we have had rain here for the last 3 days non stop and were issued a tornado watch today..so we arent sure whats going on with our weather either but I hope it gets better for you and I miss you. I will talk to you later, love you hun!

  10. just be sure to wear your gas mask when u go to the tea thing today!!! careful cuz that air stagnation might still be out there…*que scary music*

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