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I am thankful for so many things in my life that it is hard to pick a few. 

But I’ll try… 


I am thankful for my family.








They are there through thick and thin.  I always know I have someone beside me in any situation.  I couldn’t ask for more in any way.  I was never the kind of kid who dreamed about being born into another family.  Mine is quirky, looney, and just perfect.  You never doubt you’re loved!



I am thankful for my church family.





I was raised in a church that taught me about what family means.  That no matter what your faults or the faults of the people around you, you are still accepted and loved.  This group of people has loved me, prayed for me and with me, and just been a part of my whole life.  Even though that church no longer is, the family never died out of us.



I am thankful for my boys. 




They are what saved my sanity over the last five years of being barren.   Sometimes I feel just like a mother. My mom even says that I have the dreaded ‘mom look’ down pat.  They always know just how I feel, as any child should.  It’s almost as if they can sense my moods, they play at the right times and cuddle when I feel down.  My Gandalf even protects me from Ryan if we are fighting!  They are my babies.



I am thankful for my father.




When my life gets hard or depressing, he is there to push me to move past it, to look at it for what it is, accept it, and overcome it.  He is there to push me to be a better person than I thought I could be.  He is never afraid to tell me exactly what in my life needs work.  He loves me for who I am anyway.  He always makes me laugh.


I am thankful for my husband.



He gets me like no one else in this world.  He loved me when we were dating and I was skinny and he loved me for real when I gained 140 pounds in a few years time.  He would still grab my butt in public and growl at me just to make me giggle, because he loved the real me not just what I looked like.  He stands by me in any situation, he protects me.  He is my rear guard in this battle called life.  (And I can just hear it now, “Arrrrr, I’ll guard your booty for you, twould be my pleasure!”  ‘While beetling his eyebrows in a dirty old man way.’  Did I mention he has an obsession with pirates?)


Or Darth Vader (weirdo)




I am thankful for so very many things….. For everything really.




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  1. What a GREAT post!!!  Your family seems so warm (and a little goofy, which I like).  Sounds like you have 2 families (your church one too).  I think our pets are our kids.  They give so much love!!
    Many blessings!!!

  2. Wow…we should talk.  My hubby and I never were able to have children, but I have 640 
    He loves me thru thick and thin as well…unfortunately currently very very thick…
    And my furkids do save my sanity sometimes!!
    Lastly, how do people go through troubles without a church family?  I just don’t get it.
    You rock, girlfriend!!!

  3. RYC:  Welcome to my site.  You’re a new face.  Feel free to return anytime.  Thanks for your comment.
    What a wonderful hubby!  Lucky you!  I have the blessing of one child.  I couldn’t imagine my life without my Nell.  I did go into a depression when the doctor told me there wouldn’t be anymore.  I adopt children.  The friends of my daughter, the children of my firends, children I meet at church or school, and now children that I meet n xanga.  They are my family of children that I wanted and needed.  I know I can get a hug from almost any of them.  He blesses us with what we need and what he feels we can handle.  While we wait though, look around you, you’ll see the children you want waiting for you and the husband beside you who will support your need for each and every one of them.

  4. Yes I am also thankful for acceptance from friends and family.  Your site is taking me a while to load the pics but from what I can see of them they are very nice

  5. GREAT POST..loved the pictures…I love the posts with pics….its makes its so personal..AMEN

  6. Thanks for your support kiddo. You said exactly the right thing to make me feel better, which is just one of the many reasons I love you so. On a completely differant note…guess who’s back? I accidently found her through someone’s site during the featured grownups weekend assignment. Think and/or/if/perhaps/…getting it yet? Yep, seriously. And she’s just as confusing and vague as ever! Love ya, Me  Oh yeah…bright side? I get to have a christmas tree this year after all! Unlooked for bonus, the best kind…

  7. You always inspire me with your posts.Your husband reminds me of mine. He loved me that very same way, and was a bit of a pirate too. LOLHe’s with our Lord now, and I stillmiss him so much. But, I know one dayI will see him again and what timeswe’ll have!Huggles sweets

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