There is Prayer

I sit at a horseshoe shaped table with a hundred other people.  Mostly men from my husbands shop on base, some of their wives, and a few children.  I looked around at all the faces desperate to match them to the names I have heard in his stories for years.  He whispers names in my ear.


 “Courtney, that’s so and so.”


I reply with the story the name is from, “Oh the guy who said it wasn’t a boy goat?”  It’s the only way I know these men.


We are here on this Friday afternoon to celebrate Thanksgiving.  A gathering of men, who want to eat and get off work early, a gathering of wives who are nervous about the dish they brought,  a gathering of people from all over with one big thing in common. We are military.


One man stands up and clears his throat for attention. 


“Ladies and gentlemen.”


Ryan leans over and whispers, “That’s the Chief.”


“Oh Okay”, though this doesn’t explain much.


“I want to welcome you all here today.  Thank you ladies for preparing the food, I can’t wait to taste it.  We are here to celebrate Thanksgiving with each other.  Sergeant So and So will now give the invocation and we’ll eat.”


I’m thinking, what in the world does that mean?


The man stands and begins..


“Dear Heavenly Father we come before you today to thank you for this opportunity to be together.  We thank you for the fellowship with one another, the food we are about to eat, and we thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us.  Keep us in your hands dear God and bless this food to our bodies.  Amen.”


I find myself a little teary and I have goose bumps.  Even here, in a back hanger at South A.G.E. on Luke Air Force Base, with 100 of the most unlikely people.



There is prayer.





6 thoughts on “There is Prayer

  1. atleast you got the wives food. I went to a friends husbands turkey dinner with them…. and the guys had made it. Lets just say… they make better machanics then the so cheifs.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Oh Hun…do I miss you ever. Happy thanksgiving and thank you for the wonderful advice. Things were a lot better today and I know that things are going to be fine. On friday we are going to this old time Fayetteville thing that they do every year I guess..Im super excited. We baked like 2 pumpkin pies and an apple pie tonight. It was fun to just do something relaxing..Its definitly been an adventure living with Liz and then with thomas and amanda living here with us for a while before they get situated..its helped us to grow..finances is what keeps getting us into fights. I hate money and I know once we get used to things and settled in..and get away and actually have our honey moon too…that we will be better…right now everything is just a little complicated but youre the end matt is the one that I want…and thats all there is to it. I like this song that you have on here now! its very soothing. I love classical music. anyhoo. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. love you lots and talk to you soon. send a hello to ryan and enjoy your thanksgiving.

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