Three Little Thankfulls

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Good Morning Xangaland

This is my Three Little Thankful’s post assigned by our Kween for the Kween_of_the_Queens blogring.  Go there if you want to read more posts about everyone’s little thankful’s.


My first of three little thankful’s is, unoriginally, the microwave!  A petty little thankful I know but oh the joy!  Without the microwave leftovers would be a pain instead of an indulgence.  Just think about any holiday meal with leftover.  Without the microwave you would be remaking that meal every time, but with it you can enjoy it over and over with minimal effort.  God bless the person who invented this helpful little tool.

My second little thankful is my garden.  It is a place where I can disappear for a minute, an hour, a whole day…. I can get my hands dirty and create something beautiful.  Here in Phoenix, AZ the summers burn everything but the winters are fantastic.  I will literally have blooming flowers from now until June.  I love to sit on the bench just outside my front door and watch the hummingbirds at the feeder, (which I need to refill by the way!), smell the flowers, just soak it all in.  This is a blessing I could live without, but it brings a richness to my life I would sorely miss.

My third and final little thankful is Earl Grey Tea.  It is my quiet beverage.  It is the thing that makes an ordinary day seem like a quiet afternoon reading a good book by the fire.  Funny how one cup of tea can change the mood of a day from normal to extraordinary, isn’t it?  I like mine with a teaspoon of sugar and a bit of milk, though I could drink it almost any way.  For me it calms my nerves on a bad day, wakes me up on a sleepy day, and settles me after a stressful day.  This little thankful is nothing but a very small indulgence that makes a big difference and makes my life a bit more cheerful.


I’m especially grateful today.  I’m still sick and I just indulged in a cup of tea and I’m feeling so much better now!

*End Edit*

Well there you have it, my three little thankful’s.  May all of you be blessed during your thanksgiving season with the little things around you.

Song for the day? Pennies From Heaven by Frank Sinatra.  Because that’s what little thankfuls are, pennies from heaven.



34 thoughts on “Three Little Thankfulls

  1. Microwave! I never even thought of that one. But I’ve already got ten so it’s cool! Good thankfuls. Funny how I never liked hot tea until this last year, I was strickly a coffee person. But tea? tea is good. I can do tea. Hey, just get better. If you aren’t well enough to make it on Tuesday, then don’t sweat it girlie. I’ll be seeing you on Thursday anyways. I’ve been assigned the greenbean salad as usual. What are you bringing?I was gonna call you tomorrow anyway just to see how you guys are, so just get better. Love ya, Me

  2. Ooh, I agree with the microwave. Ours died after 16 long years, and we lived 2 days without one. Yikes! Now I’m burning things because the new one works so much better. Great post, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. From Kween of Queens I come and love your list here.. Tea, yes, microwaves , oh yes, because I know how it is to ot have one, mine blew up the other day!Your garden is lovley, so is this song.Peace and Love:)

  4. we need a micro for christmas…::hint hint:: lol.
    nice joke by the way..straightened out. when hair disaster comes knockin’ on your door i’ll be sure to return the favor. hehehe.
    have a fun thanksgiving as well!! 16 ppl?! eeks!

  5. Very nice list there.  I love the visuals.  So how do you like Airzona?  My boyfriend thinks it would be the ultimate place to live, he could golf year round! 

  6. Your garden is beautiful!  What a cool little blogring you all belong to.  I enjoy reading everything you guys have been writing about.  Tahnks for reposting this.Kelly

  7. Great post.  I’m a big tea drinker too, especially when I run out of coffee.  I’m usually out of coffee or creamer.  It’s rare to have both in the house at the same time.  I still can’t figure out how that happens.  I don’t sit around and drink cups of creamer or drink coffee without it…..

  8. Great picture collage! THat is the same tea I drink for all the same reasons! Ah yes the microwave…my went out once and I didn’t remember how to cook anything. Went right out and got another! Your garden is lovely! enjoy! emlee

  9. Great Thankful list!    I agree with you about the microwave!!   I like your pictures too.
    I just cover up my plants with hay, won’t see them again until April!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!  God Bless You

  10. Great list!  The microwave would almost have to be a BIG thankful for me though!  I use that goofy thing all the time! 

  11. I love having tea too, it does change the day. I like my garden too, I have nice flowers from may until september. But this year I had flowers up to two weeks ago, that was a nice blessing. It is usuall all brown by now, because of the cold. I live in Minnesota.

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