Good Morning Xangaland!

We are back and we had a wonderful time!  We started in Phonenix, went straight to Flagstaff where we stopped to get a quick bite to eat.  We then took a back road out of Flagg that took us down into Oak Creek and Sedona.  From there we headed into Jerome which is an artist town built on the side of a mountain.  Scary to ride through let me tell you!  From Jerome we dropped down into Prescott Valley where we stopped for dinner at Red Lobster and met a wonderful woman named Stella, whom I will have to tell you more about sometime.  Then it was on to the cabin to spend the night! 

I have some pictures for you though we only stopped to take pictures once since it was rather chilly.  These were taken in Oak Creek Canyon.  It was absolutely beautiful there!

This first picture is of me and my mom.  And yes we are all wearing full leathers!  It was cold.

Here is a picture of Ryan and I.

Ryan and my dad.  My dad only wore his chaps once.  The man must have a bear hide, he’s never cold!

Mom and Dad in front of the fall colors.

The bikes.  Mom and Dad have a 2003 Harley Davidson Special Fireman Edition Ultra Classic.  We have a 1998 Honda Shadow American Classic Edition.

Ryan and me with our bike.

I think this one is going to be our Christmas card!

Mom and Dad.

So there you have it.  We had a great time and are hoping to do it again sometime soon.  (Maybe when it warms up a bit!) 

The next day we got up vegged until around 2pm and then took off again.  We went to back way through Skull Valley down into Wickenberg.  We stopped there for lunch at a great Mexican food Restaurant.  From there we headed home by way of Lake Pleasant.   Great trip and an absolutely beautiful ride!

I will leave you with one last picture of Ryan and I.

Song of the day? Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf.  Need I explain?




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  1. u’ve got a rockin’ family!  u know ur dad looks a little like the dad from that bike show on TV…american choppers? i can’t remember the name..u know who im talkin about?? anywho! very cool! glad to have ya back on typing.

  2. Cool pics and I love the music! I must confess I have a healthy fear of motorcycles…I’m glad to see all of you dressed for the occasion…safety first!

  3. Welcome back!  Glad you had such a great time.  I have t admit that motorcycles scare the tar out of me and if my son ever wanted one I am not sure how I would react!Looks like you all had a great time. 

  4. Two things. First: I didn’t realize how much you and Sandy look alike until I saw the firts pic! And I’m blood! Second, I agree, make that your christmas pic. That’s a good one. Okay three…UMBALA, and you must call me when you get done working!!! It’s laugh your already non-existant butt off time! Love ya, Me

  5. Well, it took my computer a little bit to pull them up but I LOVE the pics!! You and your mom really look alot alike! Thanks for sharing these. It looks like you had a really good time. I have sure missed ya! I need to get your address….I am working on Christmas cards.

  6. wooo hooo another lady biker *wink wink*… love your site and the pictures… thanks for sharing…
    I rode through arizona… the whole place is a bit scary lol .. ok maybe it was the locals, but either way… Met and married a biker from arizona.. so it wasn’t that bad .. anyways, sending huggles
    jadey lynn

  7. Looks like you had a great time. Roger has a bike, but I freak out whenever he wants to ride it. Well, perhaps “freak out” are the wrong words…it just frightens me a bit. But it looks like fun! The night before our wedding, Roger took me out and as I climbed off, I burnt my leg REALLY bad! I had a huge patch taped to my leg all through the wedding and honeymoon! That’s not really why I don’t like bikes though.

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