Good Morning Xangaland.

Well I’m jumping on the bandwagon.  This looked like fun and you would not believe some of the things I found.  Apparently people with MY name enrage everyone…. Scary thought!




Courtney needs to be in an all adult home because she can be snappy around children. She has been spayed but will need her rabies vaccination.


(Okay there are so many things wrong with this statement that I have nothing to say.)


Courtney needs the publicity WAY more than TokyoPop


(Apparently not as I have no idea what or who TokyoPop is.)


Courtney needs to do what Kurt should have done. Get out of Hollywood, and live
a healthy life in


(Okay *said very hesitantly* I could go live in Montana I guess.  I always wanted to….)


Courtney needs more money.


(Yep, mmmhmmm defiantly this one is right on.  LOL)


Courtney needs a mistress to show off, but not one who will gossip to others.


(Once again shocked and perplexed…. I Do? Okay woman I’m not married to….check, who doesn’t gossip…. Is that possible?)


Courtney needs her tubes tied and her jaw wired shut


(Well that is just down right mean… *stomps off to go cry in the corner*)


Courtney needs to learn to be less touchy


(As proved by above reaction.  LOL)


Courtney needs help getting rid of me.


(Um….who…. *looks around nervously*)


Courtney needs to have her implants taken out


(My implants?  I suppose they are talking about my new booty but my first thought was to touch my face….too much Star Trek I guess.  And if you don’t watch too much Star Trek you won’t get that.)


Courtney needs to retire and sign up with the KKK.


(Oh yes defiantly what a career opportunity!  Can you feel the sarcasm and disgust dripping off those words?)


Courtneyneeds a husband who won’t demand anything romantically from her, to
claim a free vacation at an exclusive resort


(Okay um… not much I can really say to that.  Free vacation huh?  Just Kidding)


Courtney needs a man that she can trust and know that he will not lie to her.


(Okay… got one of those… least I thought I did….hang on…”Hey Ryan?…)


Courtneyneeds more drugs, not less. Lithium. Prozac. Maybe some
Xanax. A smidge of Wellbutrin. Some cigarettes. A frontal lobotomy wouldn’t hurt either.


(I beg to differ I think a lobotomy would hurt a lot thank you very much!)




Well there you go guys.  Crazy stuff huh?  I’m kind of reeling here….


Song of the day?  More than fine by Switchfoot cause that is the last song that was playing as I was hiking yesterday and it’s just right.


Well have a good day everyone, I’m off to hike the mountain.




17 thoughts on “

  1. LOL those were great. gotta love google!!!! if only i bought a share of stock a year ago i wouldn’t be sitting at this desk working. haha

  2. That was pretty funny!  I think I enjoyed your comments more though!  hahaha!  I hope you had a great night last night.Kelly

  3. Oh those were wonderful! (I like your reply’s best!)  I did that with my name.  . there just aren’t too many “Jeri’s” out there and definately NO other KoffeeKweens! 🙂  Thanks sweetheart!  It’s SO good to be back!~K.K.

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