Okay I have some sort of mental block…. here it is 2:20pm and I haven’t done a stich.  I called my mom and talked to her for almost two hours and then my aunt for about 20 then I vaccumed out and cleaned my car for tonight….. Okay to the couch!!!

*End Edit*


Good Morning Xangaland!

Okay this is just getting funny now.  The Air Stagnation Advisory is still in affect today but it is joined with another very weird thing….. A Non Precipitation Advisory…um it’s the desert…..  No worries gas mask it is!  LOL

So today is pretty much the same as yesterday.  I have to get some of this stuff done!  I never got even close to finishing the blanket yesterday and it will be a miracle if I do today!  So I’ll be working on that.  Then this evening at five I have to be at my mom’s house and we are going down to Gilbert to attend a formal tea at my cousins’ church.  It should be a lot of fun.  I got a top that I think should work so we should be good!

Sorry for the really boring posts lately, I’ve just been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to think!  LOL



Okay don’t panic!  I haven’t done a stitch and it’s 1:45.  I remembered belatedly that i have a formal tea thing to attend tomorrow and I don’t have anything formal. So I’ve been out shopping all day, in this horrible Chirstmas rush.  I found…… something.  Hope it works well enough.  Okay now to the couch!

*End Edit*


Good Morning Xangaland!

I will be spending my day firmly planted on the couch crocheting.

How come all year long when I’m begging for projects it never occurs to me to start thinking about which people will receive blankets and such?

Well I have finished about half of what I need to do for Christmas but I have the hard part left so that’s what I’ll be doing today and tomorrow and the next day……. So far I have finished one for my sister Charly, the one for Kelly, and something for my sister in law Josie.  I’m almost done with the one for my youngest sister, Becky, but then I have my Aunt Sue, my cousin and his wife, and some things for my Mother in law and my dad.  Lots of work.  I’m taking pictures as I go though and will post them when all is said and done.

I swear that Air Stagnation Advisory is still in effect until 10 am today.  I have no idea.  It says something about a stable atmosphere and light winds causing it and that it is not a pollution warning.  Well then what the heck is it?  What does it mean?  And most of all what am I supposed to do about it?  I just don’t know.

Well not much else going on around here.  We have all the decorations up except for the Christmas tree and the outside lights and hopefully those will be done this weekend, then I’ll take some pictures. 

Hope all is well.


Okay sorry guys I just had to share…

While the rest of you are experiencing cold weather and your first beautiful snows…

I am getting a weather alert too!

I just received an “Air Stagnation Advisory”  from my national weather service.

What does that even mean?

Good Morning Xangaland!

I have been so busy lately, it feels like forever since I’ve done a regular post and this one won’t be either!

Just thought I would drop in and let you all know that we had a wonderful Thanksgiving out at the White Tanks picnic style.  Everyone had too much food and of course not enough exercise!  We all had a really great time!

Thought I would share a few pictures for you!


This is my brother in law Andy.

My sister Becky.

My dad being goofy… isn’t the dessert scenery gorgeous?


Dad walking back from the bathroom.

Ryan eating pie.

My Grandma Fern, my sister Charly, my youngest sister Becky, and me making someone’s blanket!

This is my brother in law Zach and my father in law Denny.  Bet you can’t guess who’s who?

Another of them eathing pie.

This is the coolest picture ever!  We were all standing around roasting marshmellows!

I somehow never ended up with pictures of my mom or my mother in law.  No good ones of my grandpa or their two friends, my little sisters friend who was there and we have hardly any of me or Ryan.  I did however get some good pictures of my Aunt Sue, Uncle Robert, cousin Lucas and their dog Sammy but I’m not going to post them.  I sent them on to her and will let her post the pictures of her family.  So if you want to see those visit her HERE.

Hope all of you had wonderful weekends.

Song of the day? Swinging on a Star by Bing Crosby.  Sorry guys for some reason this holiday with my family just makes me think of that kind of music so there’s been a lot of it.  LOL


This post is for the Featured Grownups blog.  If you want to read about more thankfuls’ please visit it HERE.




I am thankful for so many things in my life that it is hard to pick a few. 

But I’ll try… 


I am thankful for my family.








They are there through thick and thin.  I always know I have someone beside me in any situation.  I couldn’t ask for more in any way.  I was never the kind of kid who dreamed about being born into another family.  Mine is quirky, looney, and just perfect.  You never doubt you’re loved!



I am thankful for my church family.





I was raised in a church that taught me about what family means.  That no matter what your faults or the faults of the people around you, you are still accepted and loved.  This group of people has loved me, prayed for me and with me, and just been a part of my whole life.  Even though that church no longer is, the family never died out of us.



I am thankful for my boys. 




They are what saved my sanity over the last five years of being barren.   Sometimes I feel just like a mother. My mom even says that I have the dreaded ‘mom look’ down pat.  They always know just how I feel, as any child should.  It’s almost as if they can sense my moods, they play at the right times and cuddle when I feel down.  My Gandalf even protects me from Ryan if we are fighting!  They are my babies.



I am thankful for my father.




When my life gets hard or depressing, he is there to push me to move past it, to look at it for what it is, accept it, and overcome it.  He is there to push me to be a better person than I thought I could be.  He is never afraid to tell me exactly what in my life needs work.  He loves me for who I am anyway.  He always makes me laugh.


I am thankful for my husband.



He gets me like no one else in this world.  He loved me when we were dating and I was skinny and he loved me for real when I gained 140 pounds in a few years time.  He would still grab my butt in public and growl at me just to make me giggle, because he loved the real me not just what I looked like.  He stands by me in any situation, he protects me.  He is my rear guard in this battle called life.  (And I can just hear it now, “Arrrrr, I’ll guard your booty for you, twould be my pleasure!”  ‘While beetling his eyebrows in a dirty old man way.’  Did I mention he has an obsession with pirates?)


Or Darth Vader (weirdo)




I am thankful for so very many things….. For everything really.



One Year Ago Today…..

One year ago today my Grandfather died.


It seems like only yesterday he was here and yet it seems as if years have passed since I last heard his voice.  One year ago today I stood in a room and looked down at his face for the last time, and I said goodbye.  One year ago today my world tilted.


He was a rock. Someone I could turn to in any situation, someone who could steady me no matter what in my life was off balance.  His prayers covered my life, and the lives of everyone else in his family.


He died knowing that five generations of his family were saved.  He died knowing that his prayers had worked in the lives of us all.   He left an amazing legacy on this earth.


Today I know he sits at the feet of his creator, all his endless questions answered, all his dreams fulfilled.  He has seen my grandmother once more, he has danced in the arms of his Jesus and he is complete.


What more could a man ask?  What more could a man want?


I know that today is supposed to be about what I am thankful for and in a way it is.  I am thankful that my Grandfather, one of the most amazing men I have ever known, is home today, celebrating in heaven.  I am thankful he isn’t sick, or in pain, or unsettled.


I am thankful that for 24 years of my life I was blessed to know him.


Today as I gather with my family to partake of a meal and remember all the things in life I am thankful for, there will be a part of me thinking of him and of his life, and knowing that he would have enjoyed the food and fellowship of this day.


Today the song is I’ll be seeing you by Bing Crosby.  I’m dedicating it to my Grandfather, because today of all days I will be seeing him in everything……




I’ll be seeing you
In all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces
All day through
In that small cafe
The park across the way
The children’s carousel
The chestnut tree
The wishing well
I’ll be seeing you
In every lovely summer’s day
In everything that’s light and gay
I’ll always think of you that way
I’ll find you in the morning sun
And when the night is new
I’ll be looking at the moon
But I’ll be seeing you

May this, your Thanksgiving Day, be filled with blessings and new memories.  May you know joy on this day of togetherness and may you never forget to love those close to you with all your heart.


16 “Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18




There is Prayer

I sit at a horseshoe shaped table with a hundred other people.  Mostly men from my husbands shop on base, some of their wives, and a few children.  I looked around at all the faces desperate to match them to the names I have heard in his stories for years.  He whispers names in my ear.


 “Courtney, that’s so and so.”


I reply with the story the name is from, “Oh the guy who said it wasn’t a boy goat?”  It’s the only way I know these men.


We are here on this Friday afternoon to celebrate Thanksgiving.  A gathering of men, who want to eat and get off work early, a gathering of wives who are nervous about the dish they brought,  a gathering of people from all over with one big thing in common. We are military.


One man stands up and clears his throat for attention. 


“Ladies and gentlemen.”


Ryan leans over and whispers, “That’s the Chief.”


“Oh Okay”, though this doesn’t explain much.


“I want to welcome you all here today.  Thank you ladies for preparing the food, I can’t wait to taste it.  We are here to celebrate Thanksgiving with each other.  Sergeant So and So will now give the invocation and we’ll eat.”


I’m thinking, what in the world does that mean?


The man stands and begins..


“Dear Heavenly Father we come before you today to thank you for this opportunity to be together.  We thank you for the fellowship with one another, the food we are about to eat, and we thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us.  Keep us in your hands dear God and bless this food to our bodies.  Amen.”


I find myself a little teary and I have goose bumps.  Even here, in a back hanger at South A.G.E. on Luke Air Force Base, with 100 of the most unlikely people.



There is prayer.





To answer ya’ll’s questions…. Yes I do take orders.  I love making blankets and would love to make them for some of you.  Just have to wait until after Christmas because I’m barely going to finish all I have on my plate right now.  LOL



Good Morning Xangaland!


How are all of you today?  I’m feeling much better.  This is good because I have plans!  I’m going to see my Aunt Sue today, or as many of you know here, Sulimb, and we’re going shopping!  So I had better get going for the day.


Before I go I wanted to share some pictures with you.  I finished a blanket for a dear friend of mine, Daphne, who just got married!  COUNTRYPEANUT as she is better known here.  She and her new husband Matt have been stationed in North Carolina and I wanted to send them a wedding gift.  I just had to wait to post pictures until she got the blanket, didn’t want to ruin the surprise!



Yep that’s right it’s a flag!  And the border is all even I was just too lazy to run around the edges and smooth them for a picture!  LOL




Well there you go!  Hope all of you are well.  I’m going to come around and visit real quick then I have to go get ready. 


Song of the day? America the Beautiful by Michael Bolton.  Hehehe



Three Little Thankfulls

New Center pic on the banner what do you think?


Good Morning Xangaland

This is my Three Little Thankful’s post assigned by our Kween for the Kween_of_the_Queens blogring.  Go there if you want to read more posts about everyone’s little thankful’s.


My first of three little thankful’s is, unoriginally, the microwave!  A petty little thankful I know but oh the joy!  Without the microwave leftovers would be a pain instead of an indulgence.  Just think about any holiday meal with leftover.  Without the microwave you would be remaking that meal every time, but with it you can enjoy it over and over with minimal effort.  God bless the person who invented this helpful little tool.

My second little thankful is my garden.  It is a place where I can disappear for a minute, an hour, a whole day…. I can get my hands dirty and create something beautiful.  Here in Phoenix, AZ the summers burn everything but the winters are fantastic.  I will literally have blooming flowers from now until June.  I love to sit on the bench just outside my front door and watch the hummingbirds at the feeder, (which I need to refill by the way!), smell the flowers, just soak it all in.  This is a blessing I could live without, but it brings a richness to my life I would sorely miss.

My third and final little thankful is Earl Grey Tea.  It is my quiet beverage.  It is the thing that makes an ordinary day seem like a quiet afternoon reading a good book by the fire.  Funny how one cup of tea can change the mood of a day from normal to extraordinary, isn’t it?  I like mine with a teaspoon of sugar and a bit of milk, though I could drink it almost any way.  For me it calms my nerves on a bad day, wakes me up on a sleepy day, and settles me after a stressful day.  This little thankful is nothing but a very small indulgence that makes a big difference and makes my life a bit more cheerful.


I’m especially grateful today.  I’m still sick and I just indulged in a cup of tea and I’m feeling so much better now!

*End Edit*

Well there you have it, my three little thankful’s.  May all of you be blessed during your thanksgiving season with the little things around you.

Song for the day? Pennies From Heaven by Frank Sinatra.  Because that’s what little thankfuls are, pennies from heaven.


Hey all I’m sorry I haven’t been around. 

I have been sick on and off for about two weeks now but have been successfully holding it at bay with meds, so has Ryan. 

Yesterday was a downhill slop and then this morning we woke up and it’s all over. 

We are down for the count… Be back soon.