Happy Halloween Xangaland!



This story is my submission for the second Halloween extravaganza at Koffee Kweens site.  Go HERE if you want to read more scary stories. 


This is a true story that happened to Ryan and I in the White Mountains in the fall of 1999 just after we got engaged.  It was our ‘Perfect date’ 


Just so you know this post will take the place of the Perfect Date link in the my story module as it tells the same story that I told in January of this year only with better writting.  So this is now






“Hush, what was that noise?” She asks.


“I don’t know but there it is again.” He replies.


A young boy and a young girl sitting side by side next to a campfire that only moments ago was romantic and now feels like their only protection.  From what?  They don’t know.


A shiver runs down her spine and all the pictures of kids in the movies who stay in the woods after hearing a noise like she has just heard, run rampant through her mind.


“What should we do?” She wonders aloud.


“Let’s pack up and leave.” He says.  “That will give us some time to get dinner back in town before you have to be home.” Suggests the boy as similar thoughts of horror movies run through his mind.


“Yeah that’s a great idea, let’s do that.”


So they go about putting out the fire and packing up the truck all the while acting as if nothing is wrong but they can feel unseen eyes upon them.  The hair on the back of their necks stands up as they begin to feel like prey in this dark cold forest.


It takes only moments for them to finish the preparations to leave.  The girl gets behind the wheel of the truck, she’s driven these roads before and she doesn’t want to take the chance of getting lost in this dark forest that should not yet be dark. 


As they drive slowly down the forest road the darkness leaches all the light away from even the headlights and she struggles to see in the gloom.  She begins seeing shadows and fleeting movements always at the corner of her eye.  Just tricks of the light, right?


“Did you see that?” The boy asks quietly.




“I swear I saw eyes in the dark beside the truck.”


“Probably just a deer.”  She replies, at least she hopes so.


“Not like any deer I ever saw.”


She risks driving just a little faster her heart pounding in her ears.  They can’t speak they can’t turn on the radio; there is only silence, and dark.


She begins to be truly frightened.  It is only 5 o’clock and even though it is fall they should have at least another hour of light.  Yet this dark is so complete that it feels as if they have stumbled into the woods at midnight when there is no moon.


The feeling of being watched and pursued is not going away for either of them.  They are truly scared.  Quite whispered conversations confirm for both of them that they are not alone in these feelings.


As they round a bend in the road it dips down into a small hollow.  The dark is almost impenetrable here but they must go forward.  The trees are so dense and thick that they can’t see into the forest on either side of the road and the nearest camp ground is a mile back.


As she slowly drives down into the hollow her eyes go everywhere waiting for something, though she doesn’t know what.  The feeling of being watched, of being followed is so much stronger now than it has been yet.


“Stop!”  The boy screams out.


But she is already slamming on the brakes.  She has seen it too and she is already questioning her own eyes.


In this gloomy hollow the truck’s headlights illuminate two young boys crossing the road from one dense patch of forest to the other.  Both boys are about 7 or 8, one is riding a bike and the other is running along side him. 


“What is going on?” asks the boy from the passenger seat.  “Something is wrong here.  This isn’t right”


As she opens her mouth to agree with him something happens that stop the words dead in her throat.


The boy running alongside the bike stops and turns his head to look at the truck.  The eyes are dead and flat.  Hollow.  He smiles a smile that sends trickles of cold sweat down the backs of the couple and he begins to laugh and walk slowly toward the truck.  A soundless laugh, felt rather than heard, penetrates the dark and the look of gleeful hate is so evident on this young but not in the least bit innocent face.


Then he turns and they begin to move away again and suddenly they are gone.  The boy and girl gasp in shock.  The boys did not disappear into the trees they simply dissolved into the night.


She slams on the gas only enough caution left in her mind to avoid an accident that will strand them in this dark. 


Ten horrible, cold moments later they emerge onto the paved forest road, into the beautiful fall sunset day.  Leaving the dark behind them.   They look at each other and know that whatever they have just encountered, whatever they have left behind them, will never sound like more than a story.




As I sit here drinking my Earl Grey tea on this crisp fall morning a tingle runs down my spine as I pass over these memories from so long ago and I’m tempted to look over my shoulder.  Just in case. 


I am tempted to question what happened in those woods all those years ago, tempted to ask what it was we encountered.  But I won’t ask the questions.  Why you may ask?  It’s simple really.


Because I know.






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  1. Wow Sweetie!  Thanks for the link!  I’ll be back as soon as I can to read this story too!  Here’s what I’ve been leaving at everyone else’s site:   I’m pretty much back on!  Just a few more adjustments to go!  But come on by my site!  I’ve put up a link to the KOFFEEKWEEN HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA SITE!~K.K.

    Thank you again for linking to me!  I surely appreciate it!  Hugs! ~K.K.

  2. *shivers drastically*…
    =P hehe. i’m scooby doo today at work…so far im the first one here so there’s no reactions yet..

  3. Hey, I was just wondering around Xanga Land and saw you lost so much weight..I was wondering how you did it?! I would love to lose as much weight as you did..We are also trying to have a baby..

  4. WOW..Congrats on the weight loss..I have a couple of woman at my church who has had this surgery and they look amazing as well as you do..I have actually thought about haveing the surgery myself but I just dont know if I want the saggy skin and stuff that goes along with it..I think one of the woman cant eat like sugar and stuff..I just dont know if I want to go threw all that…I was wondering if you had another post with detail of after surgery and stuff..I may just look around at your past ones and see!!

  5. That was great Courtney! Perfect for Halloween…but it amazes me that it was real. Gracious! You and Ryan are mighty enemies! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the two of you.

  6. This story always creeps me out! I like the re-write too, good job,. Have fun tonight just sitting all alone in your dark house…or you can come with us! LOL Love ya, ME

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