Good morning Xangaland! 

I’m posting this night before because I’ll be out early tomorrow. Okay and now I’m refreshing it cause I had a little time I didn’t anticipate!  Have a good day everyone!

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week I went and hiked Squaw Peak with my mom and dad.  This is the first time I’ve gone out and done anything truly strenuous since I lost all the weight and I have to tell you I LOVE IT!  So Ryan and I are going this morning and meeting my dad and doing it again.  For those of you who want to know, Squaw Peak is not an easy mountain nor is it extremely difficult but it is the exercise regime of hundreds here in the valley.  It is nicely broken up into quarter miles the top being a solid mile and a beautiful place to sit with the breeze in your face and watch the sunrise.  Not that I’m there quite that early but I hear tale……. So far I am making it to the half mile mark before I am just done.  I’m going to stick with that for a few weeks before I go on but my personal goal will be to hit the top 4 or 5 times a week and enjoy a peaceful moment above our smog cloud. 

So that is how today will start out for me, then it’s on to errands and more work on the PC.  Ryan’s sermon is pretty much ready but there will always be last minute things and then we have to work on emptying our video camera.  My uncle wants me to tape Ryan’s sermon for two reasons.  1) so we have his first sermon on tape and 2) so that he can go back and watch so he can see what he wants to change.  I just think it would be a neat thing to have.

So that is my day in a nut shell.  In case I don’t have time to write about it, which I’m pretty sure I won’t…. on Sunday mom and dad and Ryan and I are taking a bike ride out to Cave Creek to have lunch and get leathers for Ryan and I.  We have another ride planned in a couple of weeks and we’ll be going up north and mom and dad say not without leathers so we’re making a day of it.  We are excited it should be a good time.  Then of course on to church. 

Hope you all have a good weekend.  I’m going to leave this song up because I think it is wonderful.  24 by Switchfoot.


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  1. Coutney, at the risk of sounding vulgar, I would have to say that your kicking your weight in the A&^!!!  I know I have said it already but witnessing your progress has been an honor.    Just amazes me, your drive…

  2. Wow…congrats on the hiking!!! That sounds like so much fun! We don’t really have anywhere to hike here or I’m sure Marvin and I would! We went for a walk around our neighborhood the other day for 40 minutes and we only came back because we ran out of places to walk and it was getting dark, lol. Have fun and I’ll be praying for Ryan for his sermon! I’m sure he’ll do amazing!

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