Happy Birthday to my cousin Lucas! 

11 Years old….. what a thought!

Everyone go visit my Aunt Sue’s site HERE and say happy birthday.

I’ll be back tomorrow. 


Song of the day?  I’m too sexy by Right Said Fred.  Why you may ask?  1) because it was popular when he was born and 2) because Lucas is just too sexy!  lol  LOVE YOU BUDDY!!!

And Sue, I swear I will get that stuff done tomorrow.  I got busy today.  Hug the boy for us!

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  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry I didn’t tell you on your birthday…I’ve gotten a little behind with online stuff because Marvin is home right now so we’ve been busy busy busy! Hope your birthday was great!

  2. LOL YOU are hilarious! I did get the song to work later, and he danced around the kitchen with a big stupid smile on his goofy face. He totally took it as a compliment! LOL 11 year olds! Love ya, me

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