I have joined a new blog ring called Grown Up’s with Content worth being Featured.  The assignment for this weekend was to write about our worst experience… I have discovered something about myself in this.  I have found that I try very hard to see a silver limning in the bad things that happen in life and looking back I can’t find much that I now consider bad.  Most of that bad things have just become funny stories over the years.  There is one thing though…. not so much a bad experience as the saddest day.


One year ago this Thanksgiving, November 24th, my grandfather passed away. 

He was one of my best friends in this life,  a man of great wisdom, my mentor, my role model….  He found out only days before that he needed an emergency bypass and so on that day we went to the hospital and kissed his cheek and told him we loved him and that we couldn’t wait to see him again, and he said goodbye.  He told each of us the thing in our life he was praying for and the things he was proud of us for.

I remember walking out of that room and looking over my shoulder to blow him a kiss and smile at him.  The moment was surreal and I felt as if I was looking at him for the last time.  I shook it off.

And it seemed I had every reason.  The surgery was a blinding success!  He pulled through just fine and was in recovery! 

Then the blood clot in his leg that had been there for 20 years let go and went into his lung.  I got a call to get ready that I might need to go to the hospital again.  I took a shower and got ready and just as I was about to walk out of the door my phone rang.

It was my sister, sobbing, barely audible.  “Courtney we lost him he’s gone grandpa’s gone.”

My whole world crumpled, I crumpled.  I sat on the floor crying for about five minutes before I ran to my car and drove like a wild woman to the hospital, thinking somehow I wouldn’t be too late if I hurried.  I still don’t know how I made it there.  I couldn’t see because of the tears streaming down my face and I was going way to fast.  I think my angels just knew that at that moment I needed grace.

I got there and they let us the whole family go into his room to say goodbye. It was so hard to stand there and see the man I had loved my whole life and know that he wasn’t there any more. 

But sometimes in the midst of the greatest tragedy you can find peace.  We stood and talked about him, about his life, we laughed we cried we prayed as a family and we began to heal.


This man had gone home knowing that five generations of his family were saved.  He went knowing that he would see us all again.  He was walking the streets of heaven, meeting his creator, and for the first time in the life of this man who had such wisdom, yet was always hungry for more.  The man who had endless questions….


Had all his questions answered.




My worst day a day I will forever remember with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.  The day I lost a friend and found peace.




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  1. Sorry to read about your loss. I remember when I lost my grandfather, I refused to believe he was gone until I went to his home and saw he was no longer there. The chair he used to sit in every morning to read his newspaper was empty. His loved to show me his library. It too, was empty. But everything was left the way he wanted it. I had no choice but to accept that he really was gone. Memories of my grandfather came back as I read your story. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Court your story took me back to my own grandparents andhow it felt when I lost the two most wonderful people in my world.You should be featured…it was wonderfulGod’s richest blessings on you my friend.

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