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Good Morning Xangaland!

I wanted to show you some pictures of our Godson’s baptism on Sunday.

Here are the proud parents holding him.  They are so happy.

Us standing with them.

Ryan and I with Derick.

The official Godson of Ryan and Courtney Laube…. Derick Ryan.

Isn’t he so cute?

Okay so there you have it.  I’m just hanging around the house today doing bills and cleaning.  I only have three more days until my house is invaded by about 20 guys from Ryan’s shop…. Yikes!


My wonderful Aunt Sulimb just pointed out that I never talked about said home invasion and by golly she’s right.  So here’s the scoop.  Ryan has been in the same shop and same CAT or unit for over seven years now. 

Because our families live her and we are always so busy with them we don’t get involved in too much of the extra curricular stuff the CAT does.  Well since it’s been 7 years and we may be soon leaving we thought it would be nice to open up our home to them. 

Not to mention that over the last five years they have all had my food and we have been receiving requests for more.  ( Can’t say I’m not flattered. lol)

So on Saturday they are all coming and we we sat down and thought it through we are in trouble.  We said we wanted to do potluck and everyone agreed…. until Ryan realized that there are only three of them married and everyone else thought that meant bring your own beer.

So on Saturday

Home Invasion and not in the nice decorated way.

Let me back up a bit… No we don’t go to other things with the cat but I’m the CAT wife.  All of them know me and I bring food for all the holidays and stuff since there aren’t any other wives.  LOL  And somehow they are all very afraid of me.  They call me Mrs. Laube and say yes ma’am and no ma’am it’s weird. 

So I told them fine you bring your own beer but if any of you barf on my carpet, get my dog drunk, get a DUI or even try to drive after you drink you will have to answer to me!  And it worked they are all afraid.  They all have a designated driver system worked out and have apologized for assuming.

What does my husband say about me at work?

Am I that scary?


Okay edit number 2

I just watlked into my living room and what did I see?


Cute huh?

Song of the day? I love you for Sentimental Reasons by Nat King Cole…



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  1. great pics! ur jus so tiny!!! hehe. and yes u are that scary, DUH! lol..u ragged on me about my beloved SEPTEMBER SONG!! geez!!! lol threatened to leave my site just because of it. now i’m afraid of what i can and can’t put on my site!! LOL jk.  ryan reminds me of one of my friends..his name is ryan too…that’s scary. just in the face they look the same smile…anywho..im leaving now!  =)

  2. They’re sceered of you because Ryan is sceered of you! And rightly so. Ummm, Yoda’s on the good furniture! I’m gonna tell! Courtneyyyyyyyyyyyyy, he better scoot, and fast! LOL Now that we have that cleared up…

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