Wow I just looked at my calender and I’m going to be 25 in 10 days! Time flies…..

*End Edit*

Believe it or not I have started a Myspace account.  I think I’m going to use it to post my dreams and my studies.  I might still post them here if anyone wants them but for now they are HERE.

Not too much going on just studying and working around the house. 



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  1. So what are you and your husband doing this weekend? My girlfriend Erin and I are going bowling tonight and going to the Arizona State Fair more likely tomorrow and we are trying to find people to meet up with us tonight and/.or tomorrow. We oth could use some new friends male and/or female
    Erin-24 year old Straight white female-from NYC living in Phoenix up near 35th Avenus and thunderbird: erintwilliams@aol.com

  2. I have a my space account also.  I love it because there are some of my favorite artists who keep blogs.  I havent logged on in ages.I will check yours out.Have a great rest of the day Courtney.

  3. hey…just found ur site and seen that ur husband is in the military i have a cousin that is in iraq and my brother is gettin shipped over there so i kno how it feels…..well i hope that he keeps safe……bye

  4. THERE! it’s GONE! are you happy now?!?!?!?!?!?!?! geez.  LOL. 
    and i dont care about baseball so i guess we’ll always get along. hehehe.

  5. Just wait.. the next 5 years will go even faster!!…. then 30 will be knockin’ on your door! But, it just keeps getting better & better :o) Happy (early) Birthday to you!!Have a wonderful week! :o)

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