Goodness I just finished visiting.  Took me forever…..  I have to tell you all cause it’s crazy.  I opened all the windows when I got up this morning.  We keep the AC set at 70 over night so when I turned it off and opened the windows it was 70.  I just looked and at 11 am it is 69!!!!  It went down a degree.  Whoo hooo.

Then I was just at the bottom of my page and I am freaked out.  There is only one week and six days until my 25th birthday.  Weird.

Okay sorry

Off to clean and just enjoy this beautiful day.


Good Morning Xangaland!

I am still feeling a bit sick but I am doing better.  Thank you so much for all your get well wishes.

First thing is first!!

Happy Birthday Aunt Susan!!!

Or as you all know here Sulimb

Just click on the happy birthday above to go to her site and wish her a happy day.




Okay I promised pictures of my trip to Payson.  It was absolutely beautiful!

Here is a picture of Emily next to a little waterfall.

The creek

Emily’s mother Donna. 

A hidden part of the creek under a cliff.  Moses is the dog in the foreground.

More of the hidden creek.

Me at the mouth of the spring.

The willow trees in Donna’s backyard.

The view upriver from their cabin.


Not too much going on around here.  Some things are finally happening with Ryan’s retraining package but nothing solid.  As soon as I have NEWS I will let you all know.  For now we are just waiting.

Tonight we are celebrating Yom Kippur at my In laws’ house.  Should be a good night.  Everyone is going to be there again.

It has been so beautiful the last few days.  I have had the windows open and I am just enjoying the fresh air.  I don’t know if it will last but it is so beautiful.

I am going to try to come around and visit everyone.

If you all have a minute visit my husband Ryan’s site, HisGateKeeper, and my brother-in-law, Zach’s site, Rock4theRock, they have both updated them in the last few days and they look cool if I do say so myself.

Song of the day? The Secret Wedding from Braveheart.




12 thoughts on “

  1. I love those pictures. What a place for a writer! And for the post, it was written after watching the recent Wuthering Heights Movie. I love that movie…and so I just started writing whatever I wanted afterwards. Nothing personal….my plantation is too beautiful for spider webs! *wink*  lol

  2. wow, 25? ur an oldie. lol jk..i’m 2 1/2 yrs behind u..er something like that.  i loooooove those pix!!! makes me wanna go outside and hike.

  3. How beautiful!  The pics and the fact that the weather is cooling down!  ha!  Im glad your feeling better.  KElly

  4. Not EVERYONE will be there…I won’t be there! Thanks for the wishes C.B., I love you too. By the way, is that Tonto Creek? I’m just sure I recognize the scenery. Uh, no, I haven’t spent nearly enough time up there! I want to go again with the newly improved Sammy. He obeys so well now that I could see letting him run with joyful abandon in the creek. That’s it, I’ve got to have me a road trip. Hum, whatcha doin’ next week? LOL Just kidding, but not really! Love to you, Me

  5. I will be 25 in a few months and it is already setting in…. so I know how you feel!!  My husband is 25 and when he turned it, I gave him a really hard time.  I feel like payback is close at hand

  6. love the braveheart song.  one of my best friends walked down the aisle to that song.  needless to say, there was not a dry eye in the whole place!  hearing it on your site made me almost cry!

  7. Love the pictures. That creek looks so…well I could lie down and read a book next to it. Was on here earlier commented on your brother-in-laws site, and went to comment on your husband’s site and my pc froze…I shall do that now!

  8. hey, there is only one pic of you, and it’s not even a close up!  lol…
    good luck re: ryan’s work.  racky (my bro) went through all of that crazy restructuring stuff a few months ago and it looked pretty grim for a while, but he is still keeping the same specialty…

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