Good catch Sulimb

Guess I should have mentioned this part.  It is traditional to wear white on Rosh Hashana as a symbol of becoming clean of all the things in your life that are unclean over the past year. 


Good Morning Xangaland!

First off…


Charly is my sister who turns 23 today!

Isn’t she beautiful?




Okay so I promised I would post pictures of the feast.

Here you go.

The view from one end of the table…

From the other end.  Long table lot’s of people.

Just catching people talking and having fun.

Sue telling me not to take the pic, my mother-in-law Cheryl, and my uncle Noel.

My Dad talking to the three ladies.

The three ladies.  My Mom, aunt Earleen, and aunt Kathy.  Aren’t they wonderful?  I love them so very much.  Do you love my Aunt Lee’s princess wave?

My sister Charly and my cousin Kallie.

Kallie’s baby Katelyn being held by her uncle Chuck (Kallie’s brother)

My niece Macie!  She is 9 months old today.  Can you believe how cute she is?

Debbie holding her.

Me, one of the guys grabbed my camera.  lol

Esther and Sherri, Emily’s sisters.

Me and Ryan.

It was an absolutely wonderful evening filled with fun and laughter.  I love this crowd of people.  We sang and learned a little more about the day.  Then we went outside and feasted and talked and laughed and just fellowshiped.  Then we all went back inside and had a time a prayer.  It was absolutely wonderful.

Just so you know the pic from yesterday is one of many of Ryan goofing off so one of these days when he’s not behaving I’m posting them! LOL

Song of the day?  The Red Letters by DC Talk.  Phenomenal song! 

I will be around to visit.

Without further ado…

I will let my Brother-in-law Rock4theRock say goodbye to you all.





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  1. hi, i just saw you site on the “half my heart is overseas” blog and I love the way you said mom to 2 boys (who cares if they’re dogs) lol I feel the same way about my furbabies! =) nice site, btw.

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