Okay ya’ll I have a visual to make you laugh.

I woke up this morning threw on some clothes to work in and came in here and went about my business.  I have cleaned answered the door to my mailman, waved at my neighbor, and cleaned. 

I went in my room and looked in the full length mirrors and…………..

I just had to share.

I am wearing blue pajama pants that are four inches too short for my legs and are covered in little clouds and stars,

A gray sports bra,

A pea green screened t-shirt that is too big and has seen better days,

Lavender shaggy slippers that are about 7 years old and have little coffee cups on the toes.

No makeup, glasses and a ponytail!

And I’m going to show you, I must be crazy!

Yeah work it baby!

My poor mailman!

(Please still read the post below)

Okay now only 5 and a half hours gotta go!


9 thoughts on “

  1. I think you look cute!  I have my red pants on with white candy canes all the time.  neighbors probably think I am weirdo.  LOL!  Have fun tonight.Kelly

  2. Hahaha…thats the sexiest picture of you ever! lol. *hug* I do that stuff all the time. sometimes you just have to lounge around like that. I love it. Everything is going fine. I have been stuck here all day without any way to get around since my car is in the shop getting fixed. So I have been packing what I can..I should have pictures soon. My batteries are dead. grrrrrr. Im getting nervouse about this, but I think its just because matt is gone. I really want him here to help. I sent him a letter today and he told me yesterday that he bought me an airborne post card. lol. I cant wait. I better get back to this boring stuff…mabye ill catch you later on yahoo. love you,

  3. I think you look just fine!  It honestly sounds like something I would do!! I have gotten to work before and realized I had forgotten my “partial plate” (2 front teeth missing that had gotten knocked out when I was really young) lol Needless to say, I did not say to much that day!

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