Good Morning Xangaland!

So things are crazy.  Just finishing up getting ready for Monday.  I don’t think we will ever be finished! lol

Yesterday I went to see the two new babies in our family group.  My best friend Emily’s older sister and younger sister had their new babies exactly one week apart!  They were beautiful.

Today I am waiting to get a call. Our friends Remy and Eric should be in the hospital already.  We were told yesterday that today she would be induced so I’m waiting for the “Hey things are happening get here!” call.  I’ll let you know what happens.

It is still way too hot!  I want it to be fall and we are still in the 100’s.  I can’t wait for the cooler weather. 

I may have some new news about Ryan’s new job and a possible move by next week. *EDIT not move by next week just maybe info about it next week.  Sorry lol*  We’ll see.

I also finished another blanket for my Mother-In-Law.  Her birthday was September 12th and this was her gift.  I know it’s just a little late.  lol  Here are some pics. 

Don’t you just love the fall colors?


Wrapped up in a basket.

So there you go…. 

I’m coming around to visit.

Song of the day?  On Fire by Switchfoot.  I love this song.



6 thoughts on “

  1. were you guys fixing up the lawn becuz u thought u were gonna live there a while? that bites to do all that work then maybe move next week! woah! well i’ll be praying.
    btw – it’s high of 67 here today…yesssss! hehe.

  2. Hey girlie!! It’s been a long time it seems. Good luck to your friends who are going to be having a baby soon! Do you ever STOP?!?! You seem like you have stuff going all the time….I can’t keep up with you!! lol  Love you girl!

  3. Beutiful blanket. I hope you get the warmer weather soon. It’s only about 58 degrees here. I’m freezing. Sorry not bragging.

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