It has been two months since my last update post and I have had a lot of people in my family asking for new pictures.  I have also had a lot of new visitors that seem to have an interest so I thought I would update.  I will also be updating my post explaining the reasons that this drastic step was required in my life sometime in the near future.  Sorry for all of those that know all this info.


9 Months ago my life changed.

I had Gastric Bypass surgery on December 27th of 2004.

For health reasons.

In the intervening months I have;

Gone from 285 pounds to 163 pounds.  A loss of 122 pounds.

Gone from a size 22 to a size 8.

Gone from 6 daily medications to just a handful of vitamins.

Gone from death by 30 to a long life ahead of me.

I have been given the release to attempt to get pregnant.

We have been trying to conceive again for over two months.

These are pictures of me before the surgery.


This is now.


Just two days before surgery.



The first is four days before surgery and the second is two days before.


Me now.

I am happy, healthy, and so grateful for the opportunity to experience life.



9 thoughts on “

  1. You look amazing…… I am so happy for you. I can’t wait for those words….”I’M PREGNANT” You will be a wonderful mother.

  2. Wow a size 8! Good for you. I’m almost into a 12 and down one shirt size.  Last November I was in 16.(I was in a size 7 before my last son was born) I’m starting to like shopping once again!

  3. I know it sounds kind of stalkerish and freaky but I could look at the pictures of you ALL day long!! I am so fascinated by your weight loss and have thought ALOT about doing the gastric bypass surgery. I am scared to and the money situation is a big part of it. Maybe some day….in the mean time, I will look at your pics and let you be my inspiration! You look absolutely beautiful…but then again, I thought you were beautiful before too! Love you!

  4. i’m still in shock and awe everytime you show updates. woah.  lookin’ good! i hope ryan knows to hang on to you extra hard now right? lol

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