Good Evening Xangaland!

Can’t stay long I’m exhausted and Ryan is worse! LOL

Well another day done in the yard.  We now have all the rock spread and the trees in.  The ground is tilled and awaiting seed and we’re starting on trellising in part of the porch. 

Funny how you can work for days and still see so little change…..  but that is how it works. 

One day soon we’ll look up and we’ll have a yard.

It will all be worth it then…

Song of the Day? Devil Went Down to Georgia by The Charlie Daniel’s Band.  Just because.



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  1. Hey there hon! You were on my mind today….so glad you posted! :O) Happy to hear that you’re getting work done, though I know it’s probably slow going. Don’t worry, the end result will definitely be a great payoff for you guys. Have a great day tomorrow…and ooooh…great song choice!

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