*Collective big groan*

The labor did not progress as well as they wanted she went all the way to five and then back to three.  You ever heard of someone going backwards!?! So they gave her sleeping pills and sent her home.

And now we wait.


Oh my gosh so we’re running out the door right now.  Our friends Eric and Remy are at Thunderbird hospital just around the corner.  She went into labor a whole three weeks early.  So excited. 

Soon to be welcoming to the world Derick Ryan Hobbs!



10 thoughts on “

  1. Oh no!  That stinks!  I bet she is ready to get it done and over with.  LOL!I sure wish my DOC would give me some sleeping pills.  hahaha!

  2. OMG!!! Why would they give a pregnant woman sleeping pills??? Especcially one who is going into labor??!! That’s just bad juju. Well. I would type more but my baby just started crying. -Michelle

  3. I used to work in Labor & Delivery and yes, people do go backwards sometimes when contractions are not productive.  In response to Michelle~~~~they do give sleeping pills when they send you home because it helps you relax which sometimes helps the labor along.  If it’s really time for the labor to take off, a sleeping pill will not stop it.  If, however, the time is not right, the sleeping pill helps the mom to relax and get some much needed rest for the upcoming task.  I will keep your friend in my prayers for a safe and happy delivery.   

  4. Oh! you got a new banner at the top, I like it! I had pre-term with both my boys. Then I went into real labor an didn’t know it because of all the false labor that presued after pre-term. Have a nice weekend.

  5. I havent heard this song in forever!!!
    Yeah these things suck. I went to the doc and I do have one. Thank you for telling me to go. Im stubborn and probably would’ve avoided this without advice. MUAH lol

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