September 11

We will never forget…..

Four years gone, but a day imprinted on the heart of America forever.

And on my heart…..

Hold your loved ones close and remember those that can’t.



6 thoughts on “

  1. Thank you for remembering and holding me close.  I’m sure there are many men and women around the world right now that would thank you if they could.  So, on their behalf, thank you for proving that the scrifice is not forgotten or in vain.  Love always

  2. We will always remember and never forget, the horror of what happened that fateful day, and the unselfish sacrifice of those who serve this great country of ours. Whether through the armed forces, or the soldiers closer to home. This is what it’s all about for so many of us. So thank you Ryan and Courtney, for being the kind of people who are not only able, but willing to stand for us when we can not stand for ourselves. I am so honored to call you family. With much love and my deepest respect.  Me

  3. you and ryan are both in my prayers. this 9/11 mostly passed me by. mainly becuz i didnt want to face it as much. it was weird becuz everyone around here acted like it was a regular day, nothin went on. =

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