My heart is so heavy today.

I haven’t written anything real or substantial since Hurricane Katrina.  I have been too busy to sit down and write what I was feeling without sounding flip or mellow dramatic and frankly I have been numb.  But as Sulimb and Onegonecrazy pointed out God can’t use you when your numb.

My heart breaks for those who have lost so much, their possessions, their homes, their families.  It breaks for those that have had their future tossed to the wind and now have to depend on the kindness of strangers around the world to survive.  I am so broken about the young national guardsmen and policemen who have lost their lives at the hands of madmen while trying to help these people .  For their families.  May God be with them all.

And I am shocked by some of the things I have heard, and read.  I am shocked by some of the things people have said and done in this country and here to stir up people.  I am so sad that this disaster has brought out some of the ugly in America.

But there is no point in giving them press, they have received enough already.  There are many more people in this country who have quietly gone about giving aid.   They have opened their homes to these people who in this time of trouble are their fellow American’s and not strangers.  They have donated blood, money, food, clothes……. so much.  They are the ones that deserve the press.  But that is not the way this world works.  Tragedy sells.  Slander sells.  Corruption sells.

My heart is so heavy.  I wish I could do more, but I will do what I can.  I will pray for the people, for the leaders, for our country, for our souls.

Dear God,
I pray right now that you would send your angels to war for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Help them to find peace and comfort.  Hold close the families who have lost loved ones.  And God be with our leaders as they make decisions about how to administer aid to them.  Touch the minds and heart of them God and help them to make the hard choices.  Touch our hearts oh God and give us strength, courage, and compassion to help those in need.  And Father, above all, give us peace.




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  1. sorry i haven’t been to your site in quite awhile but my life has been pretty busy as of late.  i know what you mean.  i feel so bad for those who have lost everything down south.  but i’m happy to know that i have possibly help out.  at my work we set up a relief fund of our own to send down to help.  and i’m glad to know that i was able to give away $1,000 to help out.  i wish i was able to go down and help out physicaly but my donation will have to be enough.  i just wish i could get my friends to donate but for some reason they refuse and some say that the victomes deserve what has been handed to them.  to those people i look at them and shake my head.  i don’t know how anyone can say such things when these people are suffering.  sorry this is so long but i thought since we have the same thought proccess i would be able to get everything out. 

  2. What a lovely prayer, Courtney. I’ve had a hard time with all this myself. I try not to get too angry when the people act like fools and become ugly shells of what a true American is supposed to be. It makes me so upset. We are supposed to be proud people that rise from he ashes and support each other. What a shame…
    I do believe, that as soon as the initial terror and shock wains, that perhaps God will be visible through the fog. I pray for such a thing. Yet, there has been people complaining that people offering prayers. They say they don’t need prayers, but food and water. Those kinds of words scare me. How far can we push God before He turns away? This nation has been under his protection thus far…and I pray each day He keeps us in His grace. We so desperetly need it.

  3. Thank you so much for writing what you did… I don’t always know how to put things into words sometimes and this is one of those times.. it’s hurt me greatly what I have seen and heard some “christians” say or write going solely on what is heard on the news.  I thought by now everyone knows that the news only pulls out the worst and rarely shares the whole story.  So, anyway.. thank you.  Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day.

  4. i agree with everything you just said. =)  and i’m sure you don’t agree with some other things i’ve said and that’s okay. i dont care if ppl think what i do or not. not only do i think everything u do, i just have extra to say about it as well. i just expressed the side i have that everyone thinks i’m so horrible.

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