Good afternoon Xangaland!

Today is going to be fun.  I have to run to the mall to pick up some candle stuff and then I am here all day long.  I have to write up some lyrics and put together some song lists for prayer on Sunday night and it will probably take me most of the afternoon. 

Then I am off to help Ryan work on the front yard when he gets home.  The time he has off to work on the yards is fast approaching.  That will be fun and good to have it done.

I have a tidbit of news that makes me very happy.  I just picked up my wedding ring.  I finally had it sized so I can wear it again. 

So the weekend will consist of Ryan and I getting the house and yards all cleaned up and then on Monday we are having my family and his family over for dinner for Labor day.  Can’t wait it should be a blast.

On that note I’m out for the day. 

Hey do you like my Oscar the Grouch shirt?

Song of the day? Slide by Goo Goo Dolls. 



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