Good Morning Xangaland!

Today I am going out to lunch and hanging out with Emily.  Then when she leaves I have lot’s of work to do on the computer and around the house.  I have to come up with some good instrumental worship for our prayer meetings on Sunday night and a bunch of lyrics for songs by tomorrow.  Then I also have to get the house in tip top shape and we have to start on the yards.  We are having both sides of the family over for dinner on Monday for Labor Day. 

Nothing much else going on around here at all.  I have things to write about just not time or energy….  Maybe tomorrow.  

Song of the day? More Than Fine by Switchfoot.  Love this song…….


6 thoughts on “

  1. u need a worship leader…*hint hint* lol. enjoy this weekend!! whenever it comes…whats today? oh yeah, wednesday…

  2. have fun with Emily… good luck with the music.. if you need help searching for certain songs let me know (I can try :o) )
    not sure if your interested.. our church is having their 1 year anniversary on Sunday, Sept. 11th 10am.. they will also have their first human video that morning to the song “I Hope You Dance” anyways.. come on by if interested and we are also looking for people to be in the human video if you want to ;o) take care and have a great day.

  3. buy me a plane ticket. imma comin. lol  actually i gotta lead worship tonight for a small group. so im out tonight. hehe

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