Okay Xangaland I’m back!

I have no idea what was going on at all but the power kept going on and off yesterday and it was driving me crazy!!!  I am feeling much better today thank goodness.  I think I may have had something else on top of the infection because I was sick sick not just infection sick……  But I’m feeling much better now.

In the moving news…… Ryan’s records all cleared inspection and he had his physical today.  He passed everything except for the blood tests, they haven’t come back yet.  So they should be back tomorrow or Monday and if they are all clear he is approved for the job and the process begins! 

So for the rest of today I will be cleaning up my computer and making backups and then we are tearing it apart yet again.  As annoyed as I sound I do enjoy working on this stuff with my husband and my father.  So I may not be around until after the weekend.  Or I may just steal some time on someone else’s computer.  Wish us luck. 

Song of the day? Or weekend?  I’m going to keep the same one thats up now.  Just cause it’s been stuck in my head.  Float On by Modest Mouse.



I though maybe I would do my interview from KoffeeKween.  So here you go.

1.  You wake up tomorrow morning in the exact state of mind that you are now.  But you find that suddenly everything and everyone around you has changed. . . YOU are richer than you could ever have dreamed of and you are extremly famous for something that you have no idea how to do.  You now have the means to go anywhere you want to and do anything you choose to.  Your assistant walks through the door.  What’s the first thing you say to them?

My first words would be “Am I awake?” How original is that?!

2.  You have been chosen to grow the award winning garden for the Garden Society. . .what do you plant?

Oh how exciting!  Assuming money was no issue here.  I would plnat lillies and iris, and fax rosemary and wild lavender and some society garlic.  I would want of course to have snapdraggons too they are my all time favorite.  This would be some much fun!!!!

3.  Chocolate or caramel?

Deffinatly Chocolate.

4.  Your walking along a lovely beach in the soft dusk of the day.  You look down at your feet, and there by the water you spot a beautiful stone.  You pick the stone up and as you look into the center of it, you are awed by the brillance and beauty of it.  Inside lies an entire universe so wonderful and bright that it brings tears to your eyes.  What do you do?  Do you take it with you?  Do you display it?  Or do you toss it back into the ocean in the hopes that you havn’t thrown the entire universe into turmoil?  Why?

I would keep it and hide it away.  Only because I would figure that I had found it for a reason and I would want to keep it safe from harm.  I would also enjoy having something that showed me just how intertwined the world is.  Don’t get me wrong I would show it to people but I would want to hide it away so it couldn’t be harmed.  Maybe I’m just crazy.

5.  Bagles and Lox, or Bagles and cream cheese?

Bagles and Cream cheese but only because I have never tried lox so who knows?

Now, For anyone who wants to play… The Instructions:
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview Me!”
2. I will respond by asking you Five Questions.
3. Only respond if you are willing to answer any question that is asked of you.

11 thoughts on “

  1. I’m sorry you have been sick, that sucks really bad!! I get UTI’s alot so I know how much it sucks to have one. About the banner… I just played around in Power Point until I got something the way I wanted it (I copied fonts and backgrounds off the internet), then I saved it as a JPEG and uploaded it into photobucket and then I pasted the HTML into the “input your own HTML header here” on the look and feel page on xanga. It’s not very complicated really. Talk to you later! -Michelle

  2. That stinks about the power fluxuations!  And you having that nasty infection?  The pits!  Sounds like you’ve got a big job ahead of you cleaning up the computer and backing up everything to discs!  Hope that goes well for you honey!  Thanks for doing the Interview!  Fun wasn’t it? Ha!~K.K.

  3. RYQ: Yes, it is good. In fact I think it might be one of the best ones. Oh, and glad to be back. Why is your power going out by the way? Is it just you or your whole grid? Love ya, Me

  4. I am the one who is blessed and honored to have you as my friend Courtney. you have been by my side through day one with this whole last year! a whole year. without you, Im not so sure I could have stayed as strong as I did and moved past what he did to me and how he hurt me the way he did..but you had faith in me. you have shown me that its okay to feel a certain way about someone else after going through something like that and to feel this way about someone else again..even stronger than before..and matt purposed to me tonight…can you believe that? omg..im just so happy..

  5. I KNOW!!! How weird is that? I got it at http://www.blogthings. They have some fun stuff there, just look on the left hand side of the screen. Great questions, I’ll do it in the morning for tomorrows post. Tell Ryan thanks for the input!  LOL  Love you guys, Me

  6. glad that it looks like u all will be able to move!!! congrats to ryan!!
    i’m not sure when aly is gonna get her xanga. she hasn’t mentioned it since we’ve been back from florida. we’ll see!

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